Wrexham globetrotting couple vlogging on their gap year hope to extend their adventures


A globetrotting couple from Wrexham hope to turn their gap year into a longer term adventure after falling in love with visiting faraway places.

Known as The Ordinary Adventurers, graduates Meg Jones and Rhys Wyn Jones have been talking about their adventures since April via their YouTube channel. The couple, who are currently in Bolivia, say they want to show that traveling is doable for “ordinary” people like them.

They both worked part-time jobs alongside their university work to save for travel, with Meg graduating in business and management from Durham University and Rhys earning an MA in modern history from the University of Warwick.

Meg in Pamukkale in Turkey as the couple travel the world

Meg in Pamukkale in Turkey as the couple travel the world

The couple is preparing to pack their bags to go to Peru, before moving on to Florida and New York.

Meg, 22, from Coedpoeth, said she and Rhys originally planned a gap year but enjoyed it so much they hoped to extend it.

She said: “The original plan was for it to be a gap year, undertaking a three to four month trip through North, Central and South America and then another three to four month trip through Asia and the United States. ‘Australasia. However, we would like to make it a sustainable career and, if we are able, travel for the foreseeable future.

“We have so many different series ideas that we could do around the world; to share the beauty of the world, educate about different issues and cultures, as well as simply put a smile on people’s faces.

Rhys Wyn Jones and Meg Jones in Gozo on their travels around the world

Rhys Wyn Jones and Meg Jones in Gozo on their travels around the world

Rhys, 23, from Overton-on-Dee, said: ‘We share our adventures online, as The Ordinary Adventurers, as we often see so many dream destinations and lives online, but those- As these are often based on luxury travel with huge budgets, these often seem unattainable.

“We want to show people that travel can be affordable and accessible. It’s not an out of reach goal, anyone can achieve it.

He added that they had been fortunate to have access to Welsh student funding to cover living costs while at university, and also had supportive parents who encouraged them to pursue their dreams rather than set themselves apart. rush into a career.

He said they were proud that all of their travel budget came from their own hard work doing different jobs and saving up.

Meg said they hoped people would enjoy sharing their travel experiences as the couple immersed themselves in different cultures around the world.

Meg said that since leaving for their adventures in April, they had traveled to places like Lake Como in Italy, Denmark and Turkey, leaving for South America in mid-July. This leg of the trip included a two and a half week stay working for a turtle conservation charity in Costa Rica.

And while on the move, they’ve laid their heads in places ranging from Airbnbs and budget hostels to the stunning caves of Cappadocia in Turkey and the occasional “chic hotel” as a treat.

The Wrexham couple attended a hot air balloon festival in Cappadocia in Turkey

The Wrexham couple attended a hot air balloon festival in Cappadocia in Turkey

Rhys said they would highly recommend the trip to anyone considering it.

He added: “Meg had the travel bug before Covid, traveling to Cambodia and Fiji, and she managed to pass it on to me. We live in such a beautiful world, what better way to spend our time than seeing what this world has to offer.

“Specifically in Western culture there’s a kind of vibe that we know what’s best, but that’s completely wrong, there’s so much to learn from visiting other countries and seeing other cultures.

“Different cultures may not have what we have in terms of materials, but they can actually be much richer because they value family and community – something I think the UK needs to retrieve.

“We also specifically recommend travel to anyone who is feeling a little burnt out, whether from education, personal life or work. Leaving the comfort zone and seeing new places helps put their problems into perspective and see that whatever they are going through, there is a whole world they can escape to.

Highlights of the adventure so far include meeting a mother and a humpback whale off the coast of Costa Rica and experiencing the thermal pools of Pamukkale.

As for the potential downsides to the trip, Rhys said, “I think, for us, there are two main downsides. The first, is practical, and it’s Meg and food. She has both gluten and dairy intolerance. There’s also a host of foods that don’t fall into this category that can make her sick – it can be especially difficult in a country where you don’t speak the language to communicate this to restaurant staff.

“A lot of the time Meg finds herself on a very repetitive diet or sick. If she can, Meg likes to be adventurous with food and she likes to try new things, so it can be quite difficult not being able to try. national cuisines and new and exciting dishes.

Rhys said it was also very difficult to see poverty up close in some places on their travels and they advise anyone wishing to help, for example, street children, to do so by donating to an organization appropriate and reputable charity.

Meg and Rhys return home to Wales after this leg of the trip at the end of September. They plan to resume their travels with visits to various European cities for a special Christmas series in December, then after Christmas they plan to visit New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

To follow the global adventures of Meg and Rhys, visit theordinaryadventurers.wordpress.com. Their YouTube channel is at www.youtube.com/c/theordinaryadventurers.

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