Using new law, LA bans homeless settlements in 54 locations


When the new laws passed earlier this year were first used, Los Angeles approved a ban on camping in dozens of places across the city.

In a 12-2 vote, city council on Wednesday banned sitting, sleeping and lying in 54 places in three of its districts, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The council enacted the new camping rules amid a controversial debate last summer. They regulate sitting, sleeping and storing goods near fire hydrants, building entrances, walkways, libraries, parks, elementary schools and elsewhere.

The council also called for resources for educating homeless residents to be expanded and for city departments to write procedures to ensure that people sleeping on the sidewalk are not forced to move without notice. Although new procedures have been drafted, the city has yet to hire staff to provide more outreach to accompany the new rules, according to the Times.

This worried several board members, who said their colleagues were rushing the process and would have to wait until there were more resources to help people.

“I’m sure a lot of work has been done, but it’s still not up to what we are committed to as an organization,” said City Councilor Mike Bonin, who helped organize the withdrawal of campers from Venice Beach during the summer. .


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