‘Truly a Superhero’: Durham teacher buys $ 100,000 bill at Costco for students | News


In 2020, the breeder suddenly had to change stores after another discount store canceled his order.

After showing up with volunteers and no groceries to pack, they headed to Costco, buying “every jar of Jiff’s peanut butter in the store,” Doucette said.

With the current supply chain issues, Doucette coordinated with Costco a month in advance this year and spent $ 103,000 before taxes and brown paper bags.

Parker and the volunteers have since packed the groceries and distributed the items to the students before going on vacation. And she still can’t believe how much the program has grown.

“It’s amazing that we were able to come to this. But I’m so grateful to know that I can help my babies (students) in one way or another and their parents worry a little less, ”she said.

Some parents describe Parker as dynamic and his efforts as heroic.

“She was my daughter’s second grade teacher and she is a truly superhero. And we have used the (food) bags in the past and it has been very helpful to us, ”said Shanaaya Foster, who has an 11-year-old daughter in Lakeview.

“We are not a family in need of food, but we also pay for food in advance,” said Rhon Manigault-Bryant, another relative. “She’s been a fantastic teacher and mentor to my son, and that’s because she does a great job of anchoring everyone in the school,” said Bryant. “She’s so connected to the community.”


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