The Broughton Parish Church Choir is ready for in-person rehearsals and is preparing to face other choir members


The choir performing at Liverpool Cathedral in 2019

The Broughton Parish Church Choir resumes its rehearsals as usual during the fall term.


It is hoped that within the next 12 months, the talented group of singers will be able to resume the busy schedule they enjoyed before the pandemic.

The boys, along with the men in the choir, conduct two main services each Sunday.

These young choristers, mostly from schools in the Preston area, have earned a reputation for excellence in
singing them not only locally, but during their travels.

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Before the pandemic, they conducted services at Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s in London, the magnificent cathedrals of Durham and Liverpool, in addition to traveling abroad to sing in front of crowded audiences at concerts of summer in Brittany.

The choir also travels annually to the Isle of Man where they spend time receiving concentrated musical training, while enjoying a vacation together.

Musical training ensures the choir boys are ahead of the singing game

However, the life of a Broughton chorister is not just music. With annual events such as Dads and Lads Football
Tournament, Quick Cricket ‘Kit-Kat Trophy’, Afternoon of Summer Sports, The BBQ, Day Trips in North Wales and
Blackpool Pleasure Beach, there are certainly plenty of opportunities for members of this enthusiastic team to play
and relax together.

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Broughton Church rightly takes pride in its reputation for musical excellence, and over the years a number of boys have
progressed to win choir and organ scholarships in major cathedral churches.

The church is committed to continuing to provide first-class free music training and to encouraging high standards of
personal achievement.

The Dads and Lads football tournament

Over the next few months, the choir will be looking for new members and they will be preparing for Christmas services.

It’s been a tough year, but the Broughton Parish Church Choir is ready and eager to start again

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