The Best Hammock Spots in the Triangle | Culture


If you’re looking for scenic or peaceful places to set up your hammock, you’ll want to check out these parks across the Triangle. Whether you’re looking to take a nap or read a book, you’re sure to find the perfect relaxation spot for your summer needs.

Johnson Lake Park

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina on Avent Ferry Road, Lake Johnson Park is a few miles from campus. This park has designated hammock posts, which are located along the greenway trail. Lake Johnson is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a scenic spot to swing a hammock and relax while enjoying the view of the lake. There are usually a lot of people doing hammocks in the same area, so I wouldn’t recommend this place for napping; however, it is ideal for hanging out with your friends.

Dorothee Dix Park

Do you like the hammock, but you don’t have a hammock? Never fear, Dorothea Dix Park is here. There is a huge grove of hammocks located in the pines of Big Field. Although there are plenty of hammocks available, the park is very popular, so it would be wise to get there early and claim your spot. This park is busiest during the sunflower season when people come to visit and take pictures in the beautiful field. Dorothea Dix Park is the perfect place to relax and have a fun day, with plenty of picnic areas and large grounds to play games.

William B. Umstead State Park

If you want to throw on a hammock when you get tired of hiking, then Umstead State Park is the place for you. There are several hiking trails where you can find a spot and set up your hammock. From areas near the creek to busy spots around the pitch, you have plenty of options available. This is by far the best place to go to enjoy peace and pleasant landscapes.

Eno River State Park

You should go install your ENO at Eno… understood? Located in Durham, North Carolina, the best hammock spots at Eno State Park are right along the river or beside more than 30 miles of trails. While this park is both scenic and peaceful, it’s large, so it’s not the safest place to go if you’re new to hammocks. For seasoned hammock enthusiasts, however, Eno River State Park is a great adventure.

Crabtree Lake County Park

I still keep this park because it’s my favorite place, but I can’t keep Crabtree Lake a secret anymore – it’s guaranteed to be one of the best places to hammock. The ideal place to set up your hammock is next to the lighthouse, near the picnic tables. There are several trees clustered together, providing plenty of shade to prevent sunburn. Personally, I love going here because it gives me the experience of being at the beach without actually going to the beach. There are volleyball courts, boating, a sandy shoreline, and a great trail that leads to other parks. Crabtree Lake is located in Morrisville, NC, which is a bit far from campus, but well worth the trip.


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