Texas angler catches long-nosed boy breaking record



Carson May rode in a 44.5-inch long nose gar, potentially breaking a water feature record

Screenshot of Inland Fisheries San Marcos / Austin District – Texas Park and Wildlife Facebook page

He was looking to catch catfish, but what Texan fisherman Carson May ended up catching was something even more impressive: a potential record.

While fishing on the San Marcos River on September 9 with her friend Ewan Castle, May managed to bring back a long-nosed boy who weighed 9.52 pounds and was 44.5 inches tall.

“It was amazing and one of the best feelings I have ever had,” May told mysanantonio.com of the take. “I never thought it would be a long-nosed boy to break a record. I thought it would be like a perch or something.

Inland Fisheries San Marcos / Austin District shared May’s photo and price tag, which was confirmed by Texas Parks and Wildlife, who re-shared the post. May told MySA that the record is not yet official and that he expects it to be three weeks before Texas Parks and Wildlife awards him the new body of water record.

Long-nosed guys are distinguished from other Texas guys because of their muzzle “that’s at least 10 times longer than the minimum width,” according to Texas Park and Wildlife.

They can be somewhat intimidating due to their sharp, villiform teeth, which can easily entangle fish in fishermen’s nets, Animal Diversity Web said.

The current body of water record for long nosed withers is held by Zabdi Perez at 28 inches and 1.88 pounds.

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