Storage News Ticker – August 23 – Blocks and Files


Supplier of high-end storage arrays Infinity announced NVMe/TCP certification with vSphere ESXi and vVols replication with VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) integration. These new features complement Infinidat’s VMware integrations, including vSphere, vRealize and VMware Tanzu. VMware’s general NVMe/TCP support was a milestone achieved less than a year ago with vSphere 7.0U3. InfiniBox vVols Replication with SRM adds native VMware disaster recovery to Infinidat’s vVols implementation. SRM users can coordinate InfiniBox asynchronous replication for vVols through VMware Storage Policy-Based Management without the need for a separate Storage Replication Adapter (SRA). Infinidat customers not using vVols can continue to use the existing InfiniBox SRA to manage InfiniBox replication at no charge.

Enterprise Data Observability Provider Acceldata released its Data Observation Platform (DOP), which examines data in cloud-native, multi-cloud, hybrid, or on-premises environments. The DOP is supposed to ensure the reliability of data pipelines, providing visibility into the data stack – including infrastructure, applications and users – to help identify, investigate, prevent and resolve data issues. Acceldata customers include Oracle, PubMatic, PhonePe (Walmart), Pratt & Whitney, DBS and others.

INET Computer Solutions, based in the UK and Ireland, helps customers protect their systems and data with Arcserve offerings, including new SaaS Backup to protect Microsoft 365 data. INET has worked with Arcserve for over 10 years to provide backup and recovery services to customers. It uses Arcserve ShadowProtect to protect data for a large number of customers. Together with HeadStart Restore, this allows INET to recover its customers’ systems and data in the event of a disaster in the time it takes to restart a server. INET also uses it to back up its own systems and data.

Data Protector Commvault indicates that Gartner gave it the highest product score for all three use cases in the 2022 Critical Capabilities Report Critical Capabilities for Enterprise Backup and Recovery Software Solutions: Data Center Environments (4 .23/5), cloud environments (4.18/5) environments (4.22/5). Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery performed best in all three use cases evaluated in this study.

NVMe/TCP Storage Provider Lightbits announced its latest patent (U.S. 11,385,798) ) for a “method and system for managing application-aware write operations to non-volatile storage”. The technology reduces write amplification in SSDs. Muli Ben-Yehuda, co-founder and chief scientist of Lightbits, said, “Lightbits Intelligent Flash Management uses ideas from this patent and other issued and pending patents to maximize SSD performance and endurance. The exact write amplification depends on the application data streams and the classification process. In the worst case, Lightbits IFM can deliver less than 2.3x overall write amplification for random 4K write workloads with the system at 80% capacity utilization. This is the write boost for the system as a whole, including both the SSDs internal write boost and any additional software-induced write boost.

The patented technology takes into account some application-specific aspects of the data sent to the SSD: “We (1) classify different data streams based on their metadata properties as having certain characteristics (e.g., how long the block is likely to remain active before being overwritten, i.e. time before overwrite (TBR)); (2) write the data to a certain region of the SSD which is associated with this classification; (3) if necessary, use the systems GC process to properly place misclassified data.This is a natural fit for zoned SSDs, but can also be done on commodity SSDs and does not require zoned SSD support.

Rockport Networks recently job a video interview with Dr. Alastair Basden of Durham University discussing the use of the Rockport Scalable Fabric in its National Tier 1 Supercomputing Facility. Additionally, Rockport and Intersect360 Research released a white paper on key considerations and trends when architecting today’s HPC clusters based on 2022 HPC user feedback – you can download it here. On August 24 at 1 p.m. ET, Rockport is hosting a webinar, “Security at the Speed ​​of Research,” with CANARIE, the University of Toronto, and Carleton University’s Cyber ​​Lab to discuss the current landscape. threats, explain how search environments are unique, and discuss a Canadian innovation that can mitigate network risk without sacrificing performance. Full details and registration information can be found here.

Object Storage Systems Provider Scale has a customer winning case study. The Edmonton Police Department of Canada has overhauled its storage infrastructure environment to improve data availability, scalability and accessibility while saving public funds. Deployed system includes HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, HPE Scalable Object Storage with Scality RING, HPE 3PAR StoreServ 8000 Storage, and HPE Apollo 4510 Gen10 and HPE Apollo 4500 Systems, with Veeam for backup . This system saves C$2 million over five years, reduces backup times by 76.9%, provides infinite scalability and reliable performance, and achieves multi-site resilience with rapid data center recovery.

But why a 3PAR 8000 when Primera and Alletra bays are announced to replace them? A Scality spokesperson said: “The contract with Edmonton was signed about two years ago, just when Primera was announced (and before Alletra). They chose the 8000 because it was a product well established and that it met the needs of the client. Also, since Greenlake is essentially a cloud service, the physical infrastructure is not as relevant; the level of service it provides is what matters.

Talend was named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Data Integration Tools. This is the seventh consecutive time that Talend has been positioned in the Leaders Quadrant based on the company’s ability to execute and completeness of vision. For a free copy of Gartner’s full report, click here.

Tidal scalewhose software “sticks” AWS EC2 bare metal instances (and on-premises physical servers together, so they operate as one larger system), is now available on AWS Marketplace. TidalScale requires no changes to applications or systems. and is deployable in minutes. Anyone with an AWS account can now purchase TidalScale’s software-defined server technology through their AWS account with just a few clicks.


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