Ridgefield Playhouse transformed for Stephen King’s Netflix movie


On Monday, the Ridgefield Playhouse became a Hollywood setting for the filming of a new Stephen King Netflix movie.

It was a full 360 for the Ridgefield Playhouse as it reverted to high school for a day. According to imdb.com, the reason is that six scenes were filmed there for an upcoming Stephen King Netflix movie titled Mr. Harrigan’s phone which stars veteran actor Donald Sutherland and actor Jaeden Martell, who is no stranger to Stephen King films. Martell starred as Bill Denbrough in the Steven King movie in 2017 This, and he reprized the role in the 2019 sequel.

It really is a perfect location since the Ridgefield Playhouse was part of the old Ridgefield High School, so the location fit the mold perfectly.

According to patch.com, the transformation of the playhouse began this weekend with the replacement of the Ridgefield Playhouse sign and its transformation into “Gates Falls High School.”

The film set for release in 2022 is directed by John Lee Hancock, who also achieved some massive box office hits including The blind side, The recruit, Save Mr. Banks, The founder, The bandits, and more recently The small things.

The film which was shot on Monday at Ridgefield Playhouse is based on a story from Stephen Kings’ latest collection, “If It Bleeds”, and comes down to the story of a young boy who works for an elderly man and buys at this gentleman a cell phone. When the older gentleman dies, the boy leaves a message for his old friend and is shocked to receive a text message in return.

The film was also shot at another location in Connecticut in late October. For these scenes, Washington Street in South Norwalk was used as the filming location.

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