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Gandalf is one of the commercial brands of the important economic group Krusty Krab Business Corp . This is a solid and strong group with headquarters in Belize.

As an economic group, they were founded with the aim of providing interesting financial options for citizens. Since its foundation, it has not only persisted as a company, but because of its solvency and excellent administrative management it has maintained a sustained growth, thus having the possibility of reaching each more and more people who need funding to make the contingencies of everyday life more bearable.

Its founder decided to provide extensive knowledge in the various financial and economic tools to help improve the quality of life of its customers in what he calls “social ascent” , the concept lies in the understanding that many times people require access to cash to carry out their plans and projects or to cope with difficulties such as those that Spaniards have had to go through in recent years because of the economic crisis.

Krusty Krab Business Corp also offers franchises so that other stakeholders can contribute to the so-called “social ascent”. Currently the economic group operates with two commercial brands in Spain, the first is Gandalf for the granting of different types of credit and the other is for stock investments, Tinkerbell for those who wish to invest their surplus cash in the stock market. values.

Mini-credits or a personal loan at Gandalf

Mini credit is very important in the Spanish economy these days, the situation has not been easy for many people and it is for this reason that ordinary people who were previously not used to getting into debt, now require small loans to fulfill their obligations. basic or to invest or acquire necessary goods.

Gandalf within its portfolio offers you these options guaranteeing the response within 24 hours , it must be taken into account that our business hours are from Monday to Friday.

In general, the Gandalf credit line is aimed at people over 18 who need immediate access to a certain amount of euros that they do not have at the moment, but who know that they will have it in the future. The credits are paid in moderate installments month by month, so the client schedules this monthly expense with what he pays the loan in an easy and timely manner.

Depending on the amount of the credit, the employment situation of the person and the term in which the credit will end, many times in Gandalf no guarantee or mortgage is required . With this, “money now” seeks to be much closer to their customers and support them when they require money to fulfill their obligations or to realize their dreams.

Financial products at your fingertips with Gandalf

Gandalf as a trademark of Krusty Krab Business Corp offers a varied, accessible and efficient group of products with their lines of credit that were created to provide the cash flow that in certain circumstances individuals, families or small businesses can use to fix complicated financial situations, to make your dreams come true or to develop a long-term investment plan.

Catalog of financial products offers:

Traditional credit

This type of loan is very flexible, has an amount that the client can request according to their needs and a number of installments to be agreed. In the installments, both the interest and part of the amount are being paid, since it is moderate fees, it is easy for the client to cancel it. Additionally, within the installments, some insurance policies that cover the client in the event of any involuntary loss are also paid.

Consumer credit.

This loan allows you to make your dreams come true, travel, go shopping, pay for the services you owe or acquire whatever you want. It is a loan that is paid quickly, within 1 year or maximum 4 years; Due to the characteristics of the loan, it can not be granted in the long term.

Commercial credit

This type of loan is exclusive for companies, if your company has investment or expansion plans, acquired commitments, need for new machinery or repair of the current, payment of services such as electricity or water, or to refinance short-term debts that have with other companies.

Mortgage credit.

This type of loan is only granted for the purchase of a home. Gandalf can lend you for the acquisition of your apartment that can be a property already built new or not, an empty lot to build, or for the construction of your home. Within the notarial documents the group Krusty Krab Business Corp. appear as a mortgage lender until the loan is paid. Mortgage loans are long term so it is worth comparing the APR since the terms go from 8 to 40 years

Consolidated credit.

If you already have more than one credit with us, Gandalf offers you the option to collect everything in a global loan, so you will not have to worry about several installments and for not being clear about what you owe in each one. These consolidated loans can be not only comfortable but also advantageous since the monthly payment to be paid is usually less than the sum of the installments of the different separate credits. If you are interested we can renegotiate your debts grant you a new term and interest rate. All in one easy and comfortable.

Personal loan.

This type of loan is offered only for people, not for companies by Gandalf . You can request € 1,000 up to € 12,000 . The destination of the loan can be any other than the purchase of a home, since for this purpose there is a mortgage loan . With this money you can buy any product or service and the term that is granted is a minimum of one year and maximum 5 years for the total cancellation of the borrowed money and the corresponding interest

Fast loans

This is an excellent product that Gandalf now offers for all its customers, in fact it is one of the star products along with the mini-credit . We give you the money you need and right now. It is an amount not very high but we can approve in a few hours as long as the contact is made during working hours. We are aware of the difficult situation that millions of Spaniards are going through and our interest is to make them our clients in order to facilitate their lives. We offer the flexibility that people need in terms of deadlines so that it is easy to pay and so you can re-count us at any time you require it especially in cases of urgent money needs.


This loan is another of our star products along with the quick loan, it has been very well received by the Spaniards due to the flexibility it offers and the facilities we provide for its cancellation. The minimum credits with Gandalf range from 50 euros to 300 euros , and the terms you can choose depending on your income between 5 days minimum to maximum 30 days. We guarantee rapid approval, simplicity in the process and the confidence that the International Finance Business group has. I can give you Being short-term loans it is not worth comparing the APR since this unit of measure was created to easily compare long-term loans.

How to request your mini-credit or your personal loan at Gandalf

Steps to follow:

  • Define the need for cash you have, regardless of whether the plan is investment or to support some expense such as holidays or studies, make your calculations and be sure of the amount you need to meet your expectations.
  • Also you must know at what point you want to finish paying the mini credit, with this information if you can pay in less than a month and the amount you need this between 50 and 300 euros select the mini credit button, if the term or the amount is higher, select the personal credit option.
    In case you have any doubt, a button will always be in the window to contact one of the experts with line, your advisors in any of the offices will be ready and will be able to provide you with the appropriate orientation.
  • On the page tell us the amount and the term, then click on the “request” button
  • Complete the form that appears and send a photocopy or photo of your original DNI and a certification of your contact where you can see the monthly salary or if you are a beneficiary of the unemployment benefit bring the corresponding certificate. If your bank savings or current account is with a bank or affiliate to “money now”, then the process of granting your credit or mini credit will be much more agile and easy.
  • According to the offer to the client, the response of the entity will be given very quickly, usually the same day in respect of the request of the mini credit or the quick credit. The personal credit will be answered in less than 24 business hours. The credit can be approved or rejected, however if the rejection is due to lack of documentation, it can be requested again.

Advantages of mini-loans and personal loans in Gandalf

Free application:

The request for the loan has no additional cost for the client, so we guarantee that there is no charge for the study of the loan.

Totally clear:

All the application process of the loan, verification of information, commercial offer, acceptance of terms and conditions of the loan, is made for our clients, we hope that all the terms and conditions are completely clear before signing.


We have a consultation system with online to facilitate your process, so you will surely find a timely response from the comfort of your home or place of work. We attend from Monday to Friday, at a convenient time within which you can request your loan.

Ease in the application form and simple questions:

For the granting of the mini credit or the personal loans or fast we have a simple application form of credit, very easy and fast to fill out, to the rest the staff of our offices is totally willing to answer any doubt that may arise during the process .

Higher percentage of approved credits:

Mini credits and fast credits have a relatively small amount and the total return time is also small. These two variables mean that the monthly payment installments are not high, so that a greater number of people can benefit and have access to the cash they require.

Favorable conditions:

“Money now” has designed the scheme of mini credit and quick credit to give customers favorable conditions with easy monthly payments, this unique product will give people who request it the possibility to easily find the sum of money required with favorable financial conditions that best suit your needs.

Personalization and flexibility:

According to your credit needs, with the mini-credit we can provide you with the amount you need to make your plans come true whether they are traveling, paying obligations or carrying out small investment projects.


Large loans, for example, mortgages, by their nature require a certain amount of time for verification and approval of credit, on the contrary, the mini credit is easy and quick to approve.


The support of having a solid and growing financial institution like Gandalf undoubtedly gives the confidence that is required when entering into investment business. Count on us to support you and give you access to credit or mini- credit that you require. Remember that we are part of the important economic group Krusty Krab Business Corp.


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