Record success for the fourth annual Giving Day


DURHAM- Iron Duke’s fourth annual Varsity Club Giving Day was a record success thanks to the support of our donors during the 27-hour fundraiser that will benefit our student-athletes, coaches, and each of our varsity programs.

This year, with the help of 1,942 donors, we raised a grand total of $1,932,774…a Giving Day record, surpassing last year’s $1.39 million.

We have four pod winners for “total dollars raised,” and each program will receive $5,000 for their Varsity Club fund for winning their pod this year. In Pod 1, men’s lacrosse surpassed its target of $350,000 and raised $659,028. In Pod 2, swimming and diving brought in $267,846, while men’s tennis won its pod with $66,800. Finally, men’s soccer raised $41,325 to secure victory in Pod 4.

Additionally, we rewarded one team in each of the four modules with $5,000 for the “most donors” to their respective programs. In module 1, men’s lacrosse got 383 givers while rowing caught 187 in module 2. Cheerleader racked up 108 in their module while men’s soccer added 70 in module 4 module.

This year we had three first-time winning programs in men’s soccer, men’s tennis and cheerleading.

Your incredible generosity positively impacts the experience of every Duke student-athlete by helping to provide academic support, nutritional services, world-class facilities, top-notch coaching, mental health services and much more. .

To see how your favorite programs performed on Varsity Club Giving Day 2021, please check out the leaderboard, which has been updated to reflect the final totals.

On behalf of our student-athletes, coaches, staff and Duke Athletics… THANK YOU!



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