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BIG SHOTS: Raby Castle CC hopes to replace old lodge and expand practice facilities

A NEW pavilion planned by the Raby Castle Cricket Club could cost up to £ 100,000.
Club secretary Steve Caygill briefed Staindrop Parish Council members at their last meeting of plans to replace the aging lodge with more modern facilities.
Over the past few years, the club have worked hard to get the junior section off the ground, with the number rising from around 15 four years ago to 100 last season.
Mr Caygill said: “We invested a lot of time and effort in the junior section as we were facing the demise of the club.
“This [the junior section] has grown exponentially and that gave us a little problem.
The 40-year-old pavilion in the grounds of Raby Castle is in need of replacement.
“It’s a bit embarrassing that we have a lodge with only one toilet,” he said:
“For the past two years we haven’t been able to use it because of Covid-19, but if we are to progress as a club we need to improve our facilities for our players and visitors.”
Estimates for a new timber-frame clubhouse with better facilities could be in the range of £ 80-100,000, the parish council has said.
Although the club’s reserves will cover some of the costs, significant fundraising is still needed to reach the goal.
Mr. Caygill explained that the normal route for large fundraising is not currently available and therefore the club is exploring other routes for smaller donations and grants.
He added: “I have written to our MP, Teesdale Action Partnership, county councilors and the ECB at Durham Cricket Club and we are looking at small funding opportunities to fill the gap.
“It’s really to get people on board. If we can get the money in the form of small donations, we can add it to our own funding for the new pavilion.
“The club has a healthy set of accounts, but we have to look at things like the mowers and other things that we have to stay in control as a club. We would like to think that we could put a big part of it. We have about £ 40,000 in the bank.
The changes to the castle mean the club will gain additional land that they hope to use as a training area.
Mr. Caygill added, “They want to demolish the fence section and we’re going to get more land and that might be good for us.
“What we really miss is a training room. Lord Barnard totally agrees because you can’t see him from the castle.
Cllr David Reed said: “I think you are doing a great job.”
Cllr Roger Humphries said the parish council should support the club and added: “There is also section 106 money for the [Staindrop housing] development that could be used.
President Cllr Ian Royston said: “We appreciate the work being done, but it would be nice if a way could be found for the casual visitor to watch the games.”
Mr Caygill explained to club staff the main gates outside of castle hours to ensure players and visitors can enter.
He said: “We have someone on the door with a key ring because security is important. So anyone who wants to come from the village can do so.



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