North East Culture Awards covered by European website – with funny results


The Journal’s annual celebration of the region’s culture and arts sector – the North East Culture Awards – has received international coverage … but with unusual results.

The Euronews website appears to have used an online translation tool to transcribe the Journal cover of Thursday night’s event at Durham Cathedral into a foreign language and then back into English.

The result is rather strange language, saying, for example, that the event was “an opportunity to once again enjoy the efficiency of life, in addition to rejoicing in the work of the past 12 months”.

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While the original Journal coverage of the event mentions Durham County Council’s bid to become the UK’s city of culture, the Euronews article says the council wants to become the ‘UK metropolis of the 2025 tradition ”.

Some award categories are also translated slightly awkwardly, with the Performance of the Year award dubbed ‘Efficiency of the Year’ while artist Narbi Price – a visual artist of the year nominee – is renamed “Narbi Valeur”.

The Culture Awards, which were in their 14th year after being canceled last year due to the pandemic, took place this week, with Arts Council chief executive Darren Henley hailing the event as “proof sufficient that in the Northeast the culture did much more than just survive.

And after a successful evening, the coverage of Euronews amused many on the region’s art scene.

Bill Vince of Arts Council England was the first to spot the article, saying: “A fantastic night at the Journal Culture Awards last night. Congratulations to all the winners, nominees and artists. But I’m curious about this article, which I found this morning, which seems to have been automatically translated into English from another language.

Keith Merrin, Director of the Tyne and Wear Museums, replied: “This is great”.


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