North Bridge House High School Students Celebrate Impressive A-Level Results


North Bridge House Senior Canonbury students in Islington celebrate the summit Russell Group A-grade and college places.

Sixth year students at North Bridge House Senior Canonbury in Islington are celebrating another year of outstanding A-level performance, scoring an impressive 65% A * – A – significantly higher than the national average of 44.8%.

Despite a second year of difficult teaching and learning conditions for schools across the country, 100% of North Bridge House Senior Canonbury students have achieved an A grade or higher in five program subjects, and 90% of the school’s marks were a B or higher.

While this year’s results were based on teacher-assessed grades submitted to exam boards, North Bridge House students took a full set of school assessments over a two-month period to inform their students. final notes. The results were then subjected to a rigorous process of moderation and standardization using in-depth monitoring and evaluation data, which detailed student progress from the point of entry into school.

Top performing student Harry Story earned 3 A * in Geography, Government, Politics, and History, which represents the school’s strength in the humanities and secures it a place to study geography at the highly competitive University of Durham.

Warden Andrea Agostini and Principal Warden Mia Chai (pictured above) each achieved a D1 (the highest Cambridge Pre-U score, equivalent to an A **), an A * and an A, thus achieving the entry into their top universities. Mia will study psychology at University College London and Andrea embarks on studies in economics at the University of Edinburgh.

I am eternally grateful to North Bridge House for helping me achieve this incredible goal. I can’t wait to start my new journey, ”said Chief Reeve Andrea.

The couple both celebrated success in Mandarin as well as notoriously difficult STEM subjects, with Andrea earning an A * in math and an A in economics, and Mia earning an A * and A in psychology and biology respectively.

Overall, North Bridge House Senior Canonbury achieved a net 100% A * -A grade in English, Latin, Mandarin and Music, demonstrating a real strength in their language department. Additionally, the school has achieved additional 100% A * math and arts grades, adding to its track record of academic and creative achievement.

Michael Connelly was also among the top performers, securing a place to study math at University College London with A * A * A in math, math and chemistry respectively.

Many NBH Senior Canonbury students have secured a place to study at their premier university, including the Russell Group and creative institutions such as the University of Bristol, University of Durham, King’s College London, the University of Liverpool, University of Sheffield, University College London, University of York and Royal Academy of Music.

The assistant principal and principal of sixth, Mr. Alex Margerison, comments on the success of the students:

Our students should be very proud of their accomplishments. Glad to see so many of them heading to such a wide range of opportunities and destinations, including some of the most sought after courses at top universities. Our success in a wide range of subjects is testament to the approach our teachers take to teaching and learning in our small classes; supporting each individual and stretching our best students – ensuring that all students are making the best progress. ”

Mr. Brendan Pavey, Executive Director, North Bridge House Senior Schools concludes:

This is a truly wonderful set of results from a group of students who have shown fantastic resilience and determination over two incredibly difficult years of study. We could not be more proud of all that they and their teachers have accomplished despite the barriers that have been put in their way! I am delighted for all; they fully deserve their success!

Pictured: High performing student Michael at North Bridge House celebrates his 2 A * s and an A with his mother.


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