Newcastle named fifth best city in UK for nature lovers


In news that won’t surprise many Geordies, Newcastle has been named one of the UK’s top ten cities for nature lovers.

With the beautiful northeast coast, the rolling hills of Northumberland National Park and a plethora of National Trust sites within driving distance, Newcastle ranked fifth with Swansea in research conducted by McCarthy Stone.

The scoring system combined five factors to rank each city, which were rare animal species, stargazing sites, National Trust sites, and nearby outdoor activities, with each city receiving points out of 100. by classification.

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Northumberland National Park has helped boost Newcastle’s score in stargazing sites, with its dark sky tourism valued at an estimated £ 25million per year for the region.

Dan Pye, director of astronomy and science communications at Kielder Observatory, believes there is no better place for guests to see the universe, saying: (dark skies) ” allow them to open their minds to the otherwise unimaginable scale of the universe mixed with the mixture of beauty of the landscape they observe.

“Northumberland in particular is the largest Gold Tier Dark Skies park in Europe, with over 1,500 km ^ 2 of protected dark skies. Being able to escape the lights of towns and villages helps us see through our atmosphere without interrupting the broadcast of the light around the gases that separate us from space. “

“The benefits don’t just affect us as astronomers, they are incredibly beneficial for the wildlife around the park which is why we have such thriving animal and insect populations, from red squirrels to pine martens. . “

And wildlife was another area where Newcastle performed well – it was ranked as the best city in the country to see rare wildlife! This was due to the fact that Northumberland was one of the few places in England that still had a thriving population of red squirrels.

Newcastle has also been praised for having a large number of National Trust sites nearby, with 16 within a reasonable driving distance for a day trip – from Lindisfarne Castle on Holy Island in northern Northumberland to the Heritage Coast of Durham.

By combining the overall ratings with property prices in the city, Newcastle has become the UK’s 3rd best value city for nature, with residents paying £ 961.17 per point to live in the city .

Plymouth was named the UK’s best city for nature lovers, scoring 345 points. The high score came from having 10 National Trust sites and four National Parks and Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty on its doorstep.

The top 10 was next

  • Plymouth – 345
  • Southampton – 297
  • London – 255
  • Bristol – 242
  • Newcastle – 206
  • Swansea – 206
  • Oxford – 199
  • Wolverhampton – 188
  • Birmingham – 185
  • Bournemouth – 176

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