New report explores impact of pandemic on workers in the North East


The North East Local Enterprise Partnership and Durham University Business School have released a new report examining the effects of the pandemic on the Good Work program.

Researched and written during the pandemic, it provides insight into how changing ways of working have accelerated employers’ ability to ensure better working practices for their employees, delivering better and more meaningful work.

The new research supports existing Good Work commitments, charters and toolkits published by organizations such as the North of Tyne Combined Authority, the Northern Trades Union Congress and the North East England Chamber of Commerce.

Michelle Rainbow, Director of Skills at the North East Local Enterprise Partnership, said: “What is unique about this research is that it was developed in real time during the pandemic, which was a time of tremendous change for businesses.

“What we found is that many businesses in the North East have the principles of good work in place in the aftermath of the pandemic. The introduction of remote and hybrid working has helped employers focus on important employee issues, such as work / life balance, flexible working, health and wellness, and communication.

Professor Jo McBride, Chair in Labor and Employment Relations at Durham University Business School, said: “COVID-19 restrictions have forced a rapid extension of a more flexible way of working.

“At a time when organizations are faced with an opportunity to proactively change the way they work and improve their working relationship, it is also a perfect opportunity to connect and develop the Good Work Agenda. “

Michelle Rainbow of the North East Local Enterprise Partnership added, “I think the timing of this research publication is important as many organizations are thinking about the future in terms of how and where their employees work.

“The information we have gathered will, I hope, let companies know that they are not the only ones tackling these issues. The report’s findings and recommendations focus on focusing policies around the needs, well-being and well-being of employees; and it is at the heart of the Good Work Agenda.

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