National parks will have free entry for five days in 2022


The National Park Service will have free entry for five days in 2021.

The National Park Service will have free entry for five days in 2021.

NPS / Neal Herbert

Tourists to national parks in 2022 could save money spending five days this year.

The National Park Service recently announced that all sites will have free days in 2022.

Dates for 2021 include:

“Whether it’s on a day with no entry fees or throughout the year, we encourage everyone to explore their national parks and the benefits of spending time outdoors,” said Chuck Sams , director of the National Park Service, in a press release. “National parks are for everyone and we are committed to increasing access to them. “

More than 100 National Park Service sites charge an entrance fee ranging from $ 5 to $ 35. During those five days in 2022, however, visitors will not be charged.

More people than ever have visited national parks during the coronavirus pandemic. In 2020, 327 million people visited national parks, according to the parks service.

In 2021, the National Park Service said it experienced one of the busiest summer seasons on record after the coronavirus pandemic halted many vacation plans in 2020.

Some national parks have been overrun with long lines, no parking, and overcrowded attractions this summer. Before the start of summer, national parks were breaking attendance records.

“National parks have something for everyone,” park officials said. “Recreational experiences can range from a relaxing picnic to a thrilling whitewater adventure and everything in between, including walking, camping, fishing, stargazing, swimming and boating.”

Maddie Capron is a real-time McClatchy reporter specializing in the outdoors and wildlife in the western United States.


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