Lists of “Star Wars” mansions in Kissimmee, Florida




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An elaborate mansion listed for $ 11.5 million in Kissimmee, Florida has a third level hidden secret that will appeal to both young and old Jedi warriors, and will spark the imaginations of those on a page. Popular Facebook.

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The 15-bedroom, 19-bathroom home spread over 17,694 square feet has a magical but elegant touch in all the features, but most importantly on a loft with a ‘Star Wars’ theme – a loft that includes a children’s theater and a space for video games.

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“However, be aware that you could be watched by Darth Vader himself!” Zillow’s joke list. “Dreams come true when it’s time to go to bed with two amazing THEME bunk rooms suitable for children and accommodating up to 12 people!” The fun doesn’t stop there, this house is specially equipped with a whole house LASER TAG so everyone can play !! ”

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Other high-end features of the mansion include an indoor basketball court, golf simulator, arcade, two full-length bowling alleys, in-home spa and sauna, and more.

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The house caught the attention of the Zillow Gone Wild Facebook page, and people either fell in love with the mansion or were a little baffled. And, of course, there were tons of “Star Wars” jokes.

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“How many people live here!?!” one person asked. “Is this a house of worship? With all these beds, I wonder if they thought they could drink the koolaid and fly * in * Star Wars. ”

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“It looks less like a house than an upscale themed La Quinta,” observed another.

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“You buy an extended adolescence,” joked another.

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“I’m a giant Star Wars nerd and love it,” one fan said. “Well, maybe not Rey’s creepy dummy.” But the rest can stay!

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“I think if I won the lottery I would buy this house without thinking twice,” exclaimed another. “And forget to keep an AirB & B, I’ll keep it to myself!”

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“It would be such a great B&B it’s close to Disney World,” said another. “Quite wealthy families rent it out for a few weeks to go to the parks.”

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“Missed opportunity not to put on a cantina bar!” an observed person.

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“It’s all fun and fun until you wake up to use the toilet at night and forget about the crawling droids,” said another. “I guess you won’t need a bathroom anymore.”

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“Tell me you’re a Star Wars fan without telling me,” another joked.

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