It makes no sense to import oil and gas when Britain has found its own in the North Sea



MONSIEUR – When I went to see my principal for the last time, he broached the subject of alcohol (“Clear cut: confessions of a wine-glass snob”, Dossiers, November 30).

Her advice was always to drink her glass to the bottom to find out exactly how much you had drunk.

If only I had listened to him.

Donald sutherland
Hale, Cheshire

MONSIEUR – I have a complaint in my neck and I can hardly tilt it back. I want a wineglass with a rim for my nose.

Richard statham
Langport, Somerset

Frankly unlikely

SIR – Has anyone else noticed that letters and cards are now franked on the day they leave the main sorting center? This means that they appear to arrive on the day they were sent, which seems highly unlikely.

Fiona Sauvage
Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

Older and safer drivers

SIR – If the government-funded report on older drivers (December 2 report) improves road safety, it should be applauded.

However, it would appear from statistics that by far the highest number of reckless driving offenses is the 45-54 age group, and the highest number of reckless driving offenses is the group. of 25-34 years old.

Stuart longworth

SIR – I was appalled at the AA advice quoted in your report on safe highway driving (“Don’t wait in your car after a smart highway breakdown”, December 3).

He advised people to get out of the car and go behind the barrier and as far as possible, but keep pets in the car. Imagine the trauma of seeing a beloved pet die, if the car is crashed into, which on these smart highways seems very likely.

Rona wakefield
Luton, Bedfordshire

Women in medicine

SIR – When you work part-time in medicine, what really happens is you work the number of hours that people outside of medicine would consider to be full-time.

A “half day” for a general practitioner or hospital doctor could mean starting at 7:30 am and ending at 4:00 pm. Or work three days but cram 40 hours in those days. Hospital consultants typically work at least five fully unpaid hours per week beyond their contractual hours.

However, this is not just a conversation about part-time work; it’s about who does the part-time work. Three-quarters of the 1.3 million NHS employees are women: 55% of general practitioners and 37% of consultants are women. Women make up 51 percent of the UK population; they also take care of the majority of child and elder care, household administration and volunteering. Medicine is a very stressful career and burnout is at an all time high.

The British Medical Association recently launched its Sexism in Medicine report, which shows sexism and gender bias are disproportionately experienced by women: 91% said they had faced patronizing comments and attitudes of judgment and that they had been neglected for the advancement of their careers.

Although 46% of registered doctors in the UK are women and more women than men enter medical schools, being a doctor is considered a male role.

As representatives of the BMA Elected Women Network, we are aware that we have a societal problem regarding the way women in medicine are viewed. This must change.

The system itself must also evolve to provide: investments in the recruitment and retention of physicians, in premises and in IT; a government commitment to tackle bureaucracy and physician workload; and an immediate campaign to change the rhetoric from “failure” to “performing extremely well despite the extreme pressure we are under”.

Dr Tamsin Holland Brown
Pediatrician, Cambridgeshire
Dr Fay Wilson
GP, Birmingham and Solihull
Dr Fariah Khan
Intern in psychiatry and general practitioner, London
Dr Shelagh McCormick
Session GP, ​​Plymouth
Dr Penelope Toff
Public health medicine consultant
Dr Louise Freeman
Support network for co-presidents
Dr Catriona Morton
GP, Lothian LMC
Dr Claire Bannon
GP, Barnsley
Dr Sarah Allsop
Co-chair, group of women in academic medicine
Dr Lisa Rampersad
Clinical Investigator in Surgery, Sussex University Hospitals
Rev. Dr Belinda Stanley
Assistant Vicar, Carlisle Cathedral
Dr Catherine Bateman
Bristol and Weston University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Dr Amy Petit
Dr N’ra Murray-Cavanagh
General practitioner and clinical manager, Edinburgh
Dr Julia Zollner
St George’s Hospital, London
Gill beck
Retired general practitioner and prison doctor
Dr Phoebe Owen
Registrar specializing in rehabilitative medicine, East Midlands
Dr Edwina Hegarty
Registrar of Infectious Diseases, Northern Ireland
Prof Sushma Acquilla
Independent Chair of the Birmingham Perinatal and Infant Mortality Working Group
Dame Claire Gerada DBE
President-elect RCGP
Dr Sara Bodey
GP Wrexham Partner
Dr Susie Mitchell
General Partner, Fife
Dr Kinnari Mehta
Consultant Anesthesiologist, Cardiff
Dr Caroline Rickard
Salaried general practitioner
Dr Preeti Shukla
General partner, Lancashire
Dr Mary McCarthy
UEMO Vice-President
Dr Léanne Davison
Associate Critical Care Specialist, Belfast
Dr Danielle McSeveney
General Partner, Sheffield
Dr Sarah Matthews
General Practitioner, Coventry
Dr Chrissie Clayton
Portfolio GP, Surrey
Dr Hélène Fidler
Consultant gastroenterologist, London
Dr Mary Anne L Burrow
University General Practitioner, Glasgow
Dr Rachel Ali
General Practitioner, Devon
Dr Den Langhor
Emergency Medicine Consultant, Wirral
Marina Politis
Medical student, University of Glasgow
Dr Yogini Raste
Consultant Thoracic Physician, Croydon
Dr Sophie Carter-Ingram
doctor DVLA
Marguerite O’Riordan
BMA Medical Student Committee Executive, Aston
Dr Cathy Wield
Author and emergency doctor
Kudrat Kaur Kalra
Foundation year 2, Cardiff and Vale
Khadija Meghrawi
Medecine studient
Sarah Westerbeek
Gender champion for the GPCUK session committee
Fran kirkham
Southampton University Hospital Clinical Research Fellowship
Sapna Agrawa
Structured teaching program GPST3
Kate McGow
Dr LJ Evans
Session GP, ​​Dorset
Dr Rachael Pickering
Co-chair of the BMA Forensic and secure environments committee
Dr Siobhan Quinn
Associate Specialist, Emergency Medicine
Dr Sharmila Edekar
Associate Specialist in Chronic Pain
Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer
President, UK Conference of LMCs
Dr Johanna Théron
Community Associate Specialist, Chronic Pain



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