How to protect yourself from punitive interest





The credit history of any citizen seeking a way to make use of a loan is retained in the Central Credit Register (CCR). This register provides access to any institution offering fast loans and registered with the BNB to data on the previous history in this direction of the client.

If a person is correct, loyal and carefully choosing the amount for which he is applying and his repayment plan, he will keep a perfect record in the CCR. Otherwise, it could compromise its creditworthiness and end its access to such a type of financing in perspective.

What to know about interest rates on loans

The interest rate is something you need to know in detail before proceeding to withdraw money. How much you spend and how long it is to be repaid depends on how much you’ll have to pay back for that period.
We will provide you with an individual consultation with our credit consultant to make the most informed choices, because the satisfaction of our customers is our best ad.

People who regularly repay their contributions without losing their contributions are counted towards the “loyal customers” column. Over time, they receive points giving them the right to exchange them for gifts. They also have the opportunity to discount each subsequent loan they have withdrawn.

Interest rate risk

  • Under certain circumstances there are risks associated with the application and absorption of financial resources by non-bank companies:
  • In the event of a delay or failure to pay a monthly installment, the borrower worsens its history in the CCR;
  • If you delay or fail to complete your repayment schedule, you owe compensation, which is calculated on the amount and overdue time;
  • The interest on the funds is calculated based on the amount you choose and the time for repayment.

The Board of Cash Credit, as a responsible financial institution, to avoid trapping your own bad judgment, is to carefully look at the terms and choose an option that fits your real potential. Do not apply for a larger amount of funds than you can cover according to your planned earnings for the period.

To prevent an uncontrolled risk of this type causing concern in you, we advise you to collect the maximum amount of information that contains a detailed explanation of APR. We offer you an easy and quick way to achieve this. Approach intelligently and guarantee that we will protect you from punitive interest and will be the support you need at a time of financial instability.


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