How to protect yourself from downloading an online credit in your name



In serious, sometimes economically tense times, it is difficult to deal with the concern of a stable budget. Whether you have the task of maintaining family finances or your personal finances, one thing is certain – the need for a healthy hand, enough thought and planning of all the available income and expenses that you have.

The failure to deal with the required financial standard could often lead many people to seek additional help in the face of online credit. Taking out such a type of loan can make it easier for you to make any monetary situation that comes to you and thus help you deal with the current shortage of funds no matter what you need.

But with the boom of such services, Internet frauds are becoming more and more dangerous. Virtually anyone of us could become a victim of digital criminals who, with the help of using our personal data, can withdraw money, which in turn turns out that we have to pay for ourselves.

Unsurprisingly, we often handle our personal data without paying special attention to where and to whom we provide them. It is here that we need to be alert so that we do not have to repay sums that we have not used and even more serious legal problems.

The statistics show that in recent years the cases of such criminality have become more and more frequent, and sometimes they concern funds for more than 20,000 levs.

Why most organizations require personal data

In practice, this is a common and completely logical method for applying for such financial assistance. The requirement for personal data from official banking and non-banking organizations concerns the certainty that the person concerned is exactly the person who needs the loan. This ensures a maximum level of security for the cash-generating company.

In such a case, it is most important and even obligatory to trust a verified non-banking institution that guarantees the loyal use of the information you provide. This way, you ensure trouble-freeness in this process. We at cash credit advise everyone for attention in this process, and that’s why we have devoted our long-standing work to the loyal use of this type of data to make our customers feel as secure as possible.

How Credit Fraud Is Made

The main danger to the internet is that in practice the company that provides the loan may not meet face to face with the person requesting it. This way, if someone even gets your PIN, he can get money on your behalf, and logically then the company will look for the person behind the data used.

Another honor is to be asked by your acquaintance to provide your personal details, such as PIN or ID number, so that you can become a guarantor of a loan. This is a very thin point from which you have to be seriously guarded. The reason is that in this way a certain amount can be withdrawn on your behalf, which of course you have to return.

A popular way to steal personal information for financial gain is also to collect the PINs under different pretexts. There is no exception to cases where fraudsters are manipulating people’s personal data, through electricity, water and telephone bills, and bank statements that are often left in the mailboxes in front of their homes.

As soon as someone is able to obtain such documents, he can easily apply for small amounts of money many times, as in most cases, when it comes to internet procedures, the employees of credit companies are not seeing live with the applicants the specific amount.

How to protect yourself

  • In case you need to withdraw credit, but you are concerned about handling your personal data, it is very important and necessary to trust only authorized non-bank institutions that have previously checked and received security guarantees;
  • Be more careful about who you provide your personal information, even if it is a specific institution. You should always be aware of whether they really need your information;
  • Never give passwords for your personal e-mail or social networking account to anyone;
  • Avoid using wireless internet in a variety of locations, such as cafes and restaurants that require a personal password to sign up for fast loan sites;
  • If you are given detailed terms when withdrawing a certain amount, carefully read each word in the contract and ask questions even with the least ambiguity about you;
  • If you have any suspicion that money has been withdrawn on your behalf, immediately contact law enforcement agencies to avoid more serious consequences.

Following these basic rules, the chances of being deceived and downloaded online credit on your behalf diminish enough to be relaxed. However, a small amount of additional attention would not be superfluous to anyone. However, it is about your money, security and future.


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