How to Apply for Finance Online Loans and Cards


Gandalf Finance is a company that since 2012 offers its clients a high quality alternative to traditional banking. Its model to use is the Intelligent Banking under Gandalf Bank , developing an effective financial system that has been consolidated as one of the bank references best valued by customers, with a rate of 81% of customers actively recommending Gandalf to their family and friends. . As of 2014, Gandalf Finance is part of the prestigious Apollo European Main Finance Fund II, a fact that allowed the company to expand and provide more opportunities to satisfied customers. From this date, Gandalf has sought the growth and development of a new strategic model by acquiring important companies specialized in financing such as Fiona, TinkCard Spain or TinkCard Limited, in Ireland, for Potentiate the value of the company in the market and make it much more competitive.

There are times in life when we need a hand that helps us meet the goals we set for fulfilling our life purpose. Sometimes these goals are for personal purposes such as a reform to our home, a trip or to acquire what we need so much. But other times these goals are to start a business that allows us to become financially independent. But how will we achieve this if we do not have the economic resources to achieve it? It is true that every day it is more difficult to have a savings fund or a salary that allows us to fulfill what we want. However, there are institutions dedicated to helping people who need that financial support to achieve their goals. One of these institutions is Gandalf Finance.

How can Gandalf Finance help me fulfill my goals?

Gandalf Finance has different financing options for people like you, who need a flexible and friendly financial institution that provides the ideal financial economic tools to achieve your projects, whether personal or business. In Gandalf Finance you will find the facilities you have always wanted to finance your goals, as well as different options to choose from to choose the one that best suits your needs and possibilities. Among the different products that the Gandalf company offers us to meet our goals are credit cards, personal loans and business loans, as well as free online tools such as a simulator so you can calculate your loan for yourself. Then we will talk a little more about it.

Gandalf Finance credit cards

Imagine a credit card which allows you to have cash in your account whenever you want, without annual maintenance fees, and in which you yourself choose the amount to pay each month, regardless of whether it is a minimum payment or if it is the totality of your credit. Gandalf Finance has a financial instrument that gives you a line of credit of up to 5000 Euros , which offers all these benefits and many more. But why should you hire a credit card with Gandalf Finance? Below we present all the advantages and benefits that you will obtain when making this decision.

A credit card has gone from being a luxury to being a necessity. Most commercial establishments ask for a credit card to make purchases, as well as thanks to this tool it is possible to make purchases on the Internet and make reservations in hotels and airplanes, without mentioning that it is a great help tool if we are in emergencies economic that we must solve quickly. If you have never had a credit card, hiring it with Gandalf Finance is a wonderful option for you because of its great benefits, flexible payments and transfer facilities.

On the other hand, for people who are familiar with credit cards, they will know how complicated and expensive it is to maintain this financial instrument. But thanks to the many benefits offered by Gandalf Finance you can forget all the problems caused by large monthly payments together with exaggerated fees and unimaginable interest rates that do nothing but make you even more indebted. Among the advantages that we can find in Gandalf Finance credit cards are :

  • There is no need to pay annual fee for the maintenance of the credit card.
  • Monthly payments are flexible and you choose how much you can pay each month.
  • Online banking is available wherever you are and when you need it, so you can consult all the information about your account, as well as the movements of your credit card that will guarantee that everything is in order with your account.
  • There is no need to change banks, since you can continue using your same direct debit bank account, without having to open a new one.
  • You can easily transfer cash to your account with the ShrekCash service, quickly and reliably.
  • You can withdraw cash from more than one million ATMs around the world.

In addition to these benefits, with your Gandalf Finance credit card , you will have a series of services at your disposal to make your life much easier and to face any problem that comes your way.

  • Cash transfer to your account: If you are in need of cash for any reason, Gandalf Finance offers you the option of transferring up to 80% of your credit limit to your checking account. You can request this service through your Online Banking or by phone.
  • Online banking: In online banking you can access different services such as changing your payment method, check your account statement, use and exchange your points, request cash transfers to any of your current accounts, among many other services and movements available
  • Security: In Gandalf Finance your security is our main concern, for which you will have access to different insurance at no additional cost at the time you sign up for a credit card. This way you will not have to worry about unexpected expenses that put your health and economic integrity at risk. Among the available insurance are:
    • Purchase protection insurance
    • Accident insurance and travel assistance (24 hours)
    • Emergency assistance insurance and travel medical advice
  • Electronic Commerce Service: Buying online has become a tool with which we can obtain virtually any product or service. With Gandalf Finance you can rest assured that your purchases will be made with the greatest security, as you will receive an SMS on your mobile phone to authorize each transaction you make online. This will guarantee your identity and avoid the fraudulent use of your data. You can register this service through Online Banking or by phone at no additional cost.
  • Protected Payment Plan: By contracting a credit card with Gandalf Finance you will be included in the Protected Payment Plan, a system that covers your payments in case of accident, illness or involuntary loss of employment, as well as life coverage, which would cover the debit balance of your credit card in case of death or permanent disability. This plan has a limit of 25,000 Euros.
  • Check the status of your credit card application online

How to Apply for an Gandalf Finance Online Credit Card

Requesting an Gandalf Finance credit card is a really simple process and you can do it yourself from the comfort of your home or office. All you have to do is enter the official website of Gandalf Finance and fill out the stipulated form that will ask you for a few personal and contact information . Immediately begin the process for verification and approval of your application, you will see that in less than what you imagine you will own that credit card with a limit of up to 5000 Euros to carry out any plan you can imagine.

In addition to the benefits and procedures explained above, it is important to mention some important points about the options you have on how much to amortize each month. You can choose to amortize from a minimum payment up to the total of your disposed balance. If the case occurs that your account shows an outstanding balance at the time of the closing date of the billing period, you will have to pay a monthly payment higher than the minimum. So that this does not happen you can facilitate with the flexibilities that Gandalf Finance offers you, so you can be careful when choosing your payments avoiding generating extra interest.

Personal loans from Gandalf Finance Online

Do you dream of carrying out that reform to your house that you have always imagined? Need to give the hook of a new car because you can not continue with the one you have? Perhaps the special day that you have waited so long has arrived and you need to plan a wonderful party in the company of all your family or friends. Or you have decided to plan a trip for you and your loved ones and escape for a while from the worries and responsibilities of the day to day. Even if you have a medical or legal emergency, no matter how hard you try, you can not afford it. There are many reasons why we may need a personal loan, and for these situations of trouble and emergency, Gandalf Finance has the ideal solution for us.

Gandalf Finance personal loans range from 6000 Euros to 30000 , so it is a very good option regardless of whether your projects are large or small. From paying for a course to learn what you have always wanted, until you give the hook of a car, or much more, with the personal credits of Gandalf you can perform your tasks.

As for the way to return the payment, you have the ease to choose that option of the term that suits you within a limit of 12 to 96 months , without mentioning the enormous advantage that this type of loans has no opening commission , unlike many other banks, as well as you will not need to pay commissions for studies or hire any other financial instrument to enjoy your personal loan. To apply, simply go to the official website of Gandalf Finance and follow the steps. Immediately a trained agent will contact you to evaluate your situation and inform you pertinently the status of your credit, as well as the moment in which it is accepted.

Other banks require that you necessarily have a checking account with them to be able to give you a bank loan. In Gandalf Finance, it is not necessary for you to be an account holder to request your personal loan, since these can be domiciled in the bank account you choose, whether inside or outside Gandalf. It is also important that you know that you do not need any type of guarantee or endorsement to complete the personal loan process.

The truth is that if in addition to the personal loan you decide to buy life insurance, you can enjoy an advantage of 8.45% TIN (9.00% APR) with address to your payroll, compared to 9.45% TIN (9 , 87% APR) regular if you decide not to hire it. Either of the two options represents great benefits when making your personal loan with Gandalf Finance.

Have you noticed that there are financial entities that obtain all their profits thanks to the hidden commissions in small letters? In Gandalf Finance this is not a reality, since the Gandalf personal loan does not generate any type of commission, partial amortization or early cancellation, nor even the typical opening and study fees. Be calm that you will only pay what you agreed, without facing hidden charges or nonsense commissions. Many satisfied customers of Gandalf are thanks to their clear and precise quotas decided by themselves.

How can I request a personal Gandalf online loan?

Asking for a personal loan with Gandalf Finance is really simple. From the official website you can do it, you just have to enter the Gandalf finance personal loan simulator and when you find an option that seems right, fill out the form by entering some of your personal and contact information. This way, you will begin the process by which you will be evaluated to know if you are a candidate for a personal loan. Do not worry, since most people are candidates for a loan with Gandalf Finance , especially if you are already an Gandalf customer.

If you still have doubts about the terms and amounts that you must meet when applying for your personal loan with Gandalf Finance, on the official page you will find a simulator that with simple data that proportions will allow you to know all these data in a clear and simple way. Then we talk a little more about this.

Gandalf Finance loan simulator

Surely you wonder how it can be that so many people decide to hire a personal loan with Gandalf Finance . The truth is that thanks to the personal loan simulator that is offered online, anyone can simply choose and calculate the monthly quotas of their personal loan. In this way they can create a payment program that adapts to their abilities, allowing them to make the repayment of the personal loan without any kind of economic problem. This simulator has a very simple and intuitive interface, so anyone can do as many tests as they need to find the payments that suit them. Then we explain a little more about the elements of this simulator.


This term refers to the Nominal Interest Rate. This is the interest rate that banks use in loans, deposits, credits and mortgages, and is used to reflect interest payments. That is, the TIN is the fixed percentage that is agreed as payment for the money borrowed. It is also the amount of money that the financial institution will receive for lending the money. In this case, we can choose a TIN that goes from 7.00% to 18.00%. Take into account that the higher the loan, the lower the TIN, and the lower the time to repay the entire loan, the TIN will also decrease.

Money to request

In Gandalf Finance you can request a personal loan that can go from 3,000 Euros to 30,000, depending on the needs you have. In this section you only have to move the bar until the lower box indicates the amount you request. Minor loans generate a larger TIN, and higher loans have a lower TIN. This is very useful since if you need a personal loan for a very expensive project, you will pay very low interest, and even those options in which the TIN is a little higher, is a more convenient option to other banks that can reach levels very tall

Months to return

Gandalf Finance offers different loan repayment terms ranging from 12 months to 8 years (96 months). This is because Gandalf Finance seeks to adapt to all types of clients and their capabilities. What if you must take into account that the smallest loans, that is, those that are less than 10,000 Euros have a maximum repayment term of 48 months. From this amount you can extend your term up to 96 months. It is also important to consider that the shorter the term to repay the loan the TIN will decrease, allowing you to make payments with lower interest.

Your fee is

In this section you will see the net amount that you will have to pay each month to repay your loan. As you already know, in Gandalf you will not find another type of surcharges or commissions as long as your payments are up to date, that is why you choose with care the type of loan that you will need and be aware of the monthly fee to which you will be subject. Below the number that tells you your monthly payments, you will find a small breakdown in which you indicate the TIN, the APR and the total amount owed. If you are not satisfied with these amounts, simply go back to doing another test in the simulator until you find one that satisfies you and allows you to fulfill your financial purposes.

Tips to reduce the TIN of your personal loan

We know that what you are looking for is a personal loan that is not impossible for you to pay, which can help you to cope with the project that you are interested in doing, but that does not stop you from solving your basic daily needs. That is why here we explain some simple tips with which you can choose that option in which the Nominal Interest Rate is the most appropriate and convenient for you and your economy.

  • Small loans generate a TIN on average 10% higher than what a larger loan would generate. It is preferable to request a large personal loan to cover absolutely all your expenses and investments, to have to apply for several small loans that will only generate many more interests.
  • Return your loan in the shortest time possible. If you can return it in 12 months, do not wait to pay it back any longer, since this can increase the nominal interest rate, and although your payments will be smaller, in the end you will end up paying more.
  • Do not hesitate to pay more than the monthly payment if you have the opportunity, since your debt will be reduced and in less time than you thought it will be in zeros. The extra amounts you pay, even if they look small, will make a huge difference in the long term.

Now you know a sure way to ask for a personal loan to make your projects a reality, without fear that the bank will surprise you with extra charges or commissions that you do not know where they came from or their usefulness. With the Personal Loan Simulator tool from Gandalf Finance you will be the one who decides how much to pay and what terms, so that the payments are always within your reach and that will not affect your pocket. Do not hesitate, Gandalf Finance is the best option to apply for your personal loan and fulfill all the goals and projects you have always longed for in your life.

Gandalf Finance Online For my business

Day by day, a greater number of people seek a way to obtain financial independence, undertaking a business that allows them to develop their talents and abilities. What better to work on what makes us feel full and satisfied? Unfortunately, small and medium-sized companies are always affected by problems when they want to face the existing market. Competing with big brands is not easy, but neither is it impossible, since starting a business of your own to achieve our economic independence is never a simple task. A good idea requires a lot of work, time, effort and above all resources and tools.

It is believed that only people who are experts in business , or those who have a strong capital to start with, are the ones who can found a successful company, but the reality is that many people, from all social classes and from different professions or trades are capable to manage a successful business. While it is true that it seems impossible that there was a way to start or improve our business, especially if we do not have a savings fund or some good that we can sell to start our independence project, today there are many tools for entrepreneurs How do thousands and thousands of people start their own business?

It may also be that you already have a business and need to modernize your financial systems. It is tedious and impractical to carry your finances for yourself since you can make mistakes, regardless of whether you do it in pencil and paper or in spreadsheets. Many employers make the mistake of thinking that they do not need a financial institution to help their business, coming to think that simply accepting cash as a form of payment will be enough to cover all the needs of their clients. The truth is that today the way we do business has changed, and all entrepreneurs must adapt and create new strategies to maintain and take care of their customers.

This is where Gandalf Finance comes in For my business . This company has a series of tools for both you and your business to grow, managing to expand to achieve the financial goals you have always wanted. From offering different payment methods so that all your customers can buy you, to offer you insurance to protect everything that is important to you in your business. You will also find tools to develop ideas and marketing and promotion solutions to develop your business and achieve many more sales, as well as a commercial network in which more people can find you and get in touch with you.

Gandalf Finance For my business has different products which you can contract or combine to your needs, so that you can have those tools that will make you a successful entrepreneur and much more productive. Below we detail the characteristics of each of them so you can evaluate them and decide for those who will grow your business:

  • Marketing and promotion plans: The current market is oversaturated with advertisements and failed advertisements that do nothing but annoy customer prospects, instead of attracting them to them. It is very easy to fall into these errors, so at Gandalf Finance we help you creating and developing strategies so that you not only reach the largest number of clients, but also that they decide to approach your business.
  • Sin: It is the option that allows you to offer your customers the possibility of making their payments in installments without any interest. This works thanks to the fact that the interest offered by Gandalf finance is very competitive, allowing your profit margin to improve a lot. In 24 hours you will be paid the full amount of the purchase minus this small interest. It is an ideal option for those entrepreneurs whose products or services have slightly or very high prices. By offering fractional payments you give more customers the chance to buy your product.
  • Basic: It is a service in which your clients will have the option to choose the duration of their loan. This can go from 3 to 60 months. Simply tell Gandalf Finance the amount your client wants to pay per month and they will create the monthly payment plan they have to pay each time.
  • Wait: Sometimes, it may be that your client is not clear if you want to split your purchase or if you want to make a single payment. In this situation we give you the necessary time to think about it and decide if you want to make the payment of your purchase in your business cash or credit. It is very useful for those businesses that face insecure and undecided clients and also for those who have impulsive purchases.
  • Compensated: If it is your preference, you can offer your clients a preferential interest rate, assuming a low discount percentage.
  • Mixed: It is the option in which you can offer your clients an initial phase in which they should not pay any interest. At the end of this period, the remaining amount can be paid in full or by paying installments with interest.
  • Relax: There is nothing better to attract your customers than an initial period without paying fees. Give them a break and allow them to start paying within the period they choose, either within 2, 3 or 4 months.
  • Entry: These are the options with which you allow your clients to get the credit that best suits them. You can choose Entry 4 or Entry 12, and each one means the percentage of entry and number of terms.

Allow your business the option to make purchases of products to credit service, giving your customers in addition different options to make payments in installments and monthly, even without interest, is a great competitive advantage for your company, regardless of size of this, since even micro and small companies can benefit from these tools. You can choose the options that most suit your business, and you will see how this investment will attract new customers and greatly increase your profit margin.

In addition, Gandalf Finance offers you the advantage of forgetting paperwork and long and tedious procedures. Your clients will be able to sign and send documents instantly in the online platform offered by Gandalf Finance, where you can also request and authorize all the fractioned payments of your clients.

We know that your company is the source of income with which you support your needs and those of your family. For the same reason, it is a necessity to have an insurance that provides you and guarantees the tranquility of you and your family. An insurance is not only an investment instrument that will guarantee financial support in case of an accident, it is also a tool with which you can sleep peacefully at night knowing that your assets, and everything you have worked hard for is safe. In Gandalf Finance, you can find insurance options reached with the main and most important insurers in the market, giving you the best options to take care of your assets and your income. Then we talk a little more about the different insurance options that exist for your business.

All these policies are optional and you can hire them whenever you want. But it is worth mentioning that each of them can get us out of trouble in cases of emergency, taking care of disbursements that we may not be able to afford. In Gandalf Finance we will find insurances of:

  • Consumer financing:
    • Unemployment
    • Temporary disability
    • Death (any cause)
    • Absolute permanent disability (accident or illness)
    • Hospitalization.
  • Personal loans:
    • Unemployment
    • Temporary disability
    • Death (any cause)
    • Absolute permanent disability (accident or illness)
    • Hospitalization.
    • Accident due to fractures or burns.

Accidents and unforeseen events occur when we least expect it, and wanting to save a little money can lead us to not be ready in a situation of risk in which we can lose everything we have worked on. Unfortunately, every day medical and maintenance fees are higher, and we can not afford to leave our family unprotected if something happens to us. As you now know, at Gandalf Finance you will find an excellent alternative to protect your business, always being sure that your assets are protected.

Opinions about Gandalf Finance

But, what do the Gandalf customers think about all this? Why thousands of customers have decided to opt for the Gandalf Finish? Customers are satisfied with this financial option for the following reasons:

  • The Gandalf Finance cards have multiple advantages that surpass those of other banks.
  • There are no maintenance fees for Gandalf finance cards.
  • Clients are satisfied with the monthly payments they pay since they are chosen by them from the beginning.
  • The ease of online banking allows Gandalf customers to easily control transactions and other transactions such as discounts and offers from anywhere they are located.
  • Customers are assured that their purchases will be made in a secure manner, guaranteeing a protection plan against losses and theft not only of their card, but also of personal objects or identity documents.

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