How to Apply for Credits and Loans


Gandalf is a Spanish financial entity that has its registered office located in La Coruña (Galicia). It would appear in the market in 2011, as a result of the segregation of Tinkerbell (which at the same time was the result of the merger between Fiona and Shrek entities). At that time, it would adopt the name of Harry Potter

They would keep this new denomination until the year 2014, when it would change to Gandalf Bank, and its commercial brand would be Gandalf .

In 2017, a new agreement was announced through which Gandalf would end up with 100% of “Popular Financial Services” (which at the time was the consumer division of Ron Wesley), for the figure of 39 million euros.

Advantages of choosing Gandalf

New bank, but with tradition

Although it is a completely new bank, it is based on a solid experience that has been consolidated over time. The main maxim of Gandalf is the client. It is the only bank that is driven with a common emotion, the “Common Sense”.

Therefore, they offer a type of useful product that covers what the user seeks, but at the same time adapts to the real needs.

Unrenounceable values

All the employees of Gandalf have committed themselves to comply with these values:

  • Confidence: They always tell the truth, since they know that it is the only way to build trust in the client.
  • Responsibility: They always operate with seriousness, and they commit themselves with what they establish. If they have given you their word, be sure that they will comply.
  • Quality: Gandalf has proposed to be better every day than the previous one. Not only do they seek to meet the client’s needs, but at the same time they seek to exceed all their expectations.
  • Innovation: They assure us that the best is yet to come, just around the corner.

Solid customer service

If you have any doubt, complaint, claim, or if you need any information, you have a useful Gandalf customer service at all times (we will study it more in detail in the following points).

The main characteristics of Gandalf

Main objectives

They have proposed to formalize more than 12,000 million euros in credits in the next 3 years; In addition, of these, 8300 million will be invested in financing the productive economy.


Another objective pursued by the company is to strengthen ties with foreign companies, taking full advantage of the potential of the bank in those countries where it is present. In addition, Gandalf has many plans to continue expanding throughout many other countries.


Gandalf closed the year 2015 with a profit of 330 million euros ; this, in comparison with the results of the previous year, represents an increase of 8.7% . If we compare this data with those of other banking entities, we will realize that it is one of the entities that has grown the most in the Spanish scenario.

Currently have a liquidity of almost 11,000 million euros in assets, so they meet without any doubt with the requirements that had been imposed for 2018.

Types of loans and personal loans Gandalf Online

24 hour loan

This loan is the most usual, the most generic. It allows us to obtain an economic amount of a minimum of € 500 and a maximum amount of € 60,000 (something that can be done using the card that Gandalf will provide us).

The main objective of this loan is to obtain quick financing. This makes sense because, in case we meet the stipulated requirements, we will be able to get the money in less than 24 hours. If you have been presented with an unexpected payment, and we need urgent money , keep in mind that Gandalf’s 24-hour loan may be the best option.

We will have two ways to access this loan:

-Average credit: It is the traditional option, that with which we can reach the maximum of € 60,000

Via visa card Clip: In case you opt for the option of the credit card, you will have the possibility to request from € 500 to € 6,000.

Some reductions of the cost of the commissions are established in the case of domiciling the payroll (reduction of up to 7%), or if you acquire an insurance with Gandalf with a minimum value of 600 €. If you take out life insurance that covers up to € 8,000 , the fees will be reduced by around 0.75%.

24 hours Auto Loan

If you want to buy a new or second hand vehicle, this is the loan you have been looking for. It allows you to access an amount between 6000 and 60,000 € , and we will have the possibility of returning it in comfortable installments so that we do not have to burden ourselves.

The great advantage of this resource is that it will give us the option to start paying it up to 6 months once we have made the purchase of the vehicle. This is what is known as the grace period of 6 months , although it will be something that will have to be previously approved by the bank.

In any case, you will be the one to decide what you are going to pay each month. Of course, if you have any questions about what is best for you, Gandalf employees can advise you on the deadline that best suits your claims.

To request this loan, in addition to all the requirements that we have already mentioned, the bank will ask for a payroll and your last declaration of income. These procedures will be simplified to the maximum in case you are already a customer of the bank, since you can easily access all the documentation you need.

Gandalf loans

More than a loan, it is a complete loan program that makes things easier for people who are finishing their studies. In Gandalf Estud’s plan we can find up to 4 types of credits that we describe below:

Master Loan

With the “Master Loan”, the student will have the possibility to request an amount of up to € 44,000 . The return period will be up to 6 months , and we will have the possibility of requesting a grace period of 2 years.

As for the requirements to apply for the loan, they will only ask us for proof of enrollment.

Lilo degree loan

For its part, the Lilo degree Loan allows you to obtain an amount of up to € 30,000 . It is a type of credit that is rather designed for a type of business or premium enrollment. The student will have the possibility of adapting the payment to their needs; for this you can divide it into comfortable installments without any type of complication.

In the case that you only need to pay for the registration of a course, the amount will be reduced to € 7500 .

Lilo Postgraduate Loan

Another option that is presented to the student is this type of loan, being able to offer an amount of up to € 24,000 and with the possibility of requesting a 2-year grace period .

Advance of scholarships

If you are waiting for a scholarship to arrive, but you need the money right now, you can also use the Gandalf Scholarship advance option. This option allows you to access up to 95% of the money you will receive at the time.

Once you have been granted the loan, you will be given a period of 10 months to return the amount you received.

The only requirement that is established to access the advance of scholarships is to have it approved and have a document that can prove it.

Loan requirements of Gandalf

To apply for a loan with Gandalf, a certain set of requirements must be met. You can inform them of the same at the Gandalf branch that corresponds to you, or you can find them online, in the section of the loan that you want to request.

Now, there are some generic requirements that we can reveal to you here:

Social identification document: That is, your ID, the NIE, or an equivalent document.

-Age: You must have a minimum age of 18 years.

-Document of accreditation of receipt of income: It will be required to receive income in a standard manner, in addition to accrediting them. For this, the most normal thing is to provide the latest payrolls, documents that show that they receive a pension, help or a certain benefit.

In addition, in the case that we want to request an important amount of money, the most normal thing is to check if we are in a register of defaulters (how the Credit Score ), the loan is denied.

Of course, these are some basic requirements. If something additional is needed, the entity will contact you to inform you about it.

Interest rates on Gandalf loans.

  • 24-Hour Loan: This loan has an associated opening cost of 1.5% , with an established commission of € 75 . The maximum interest is 11.14% ; however, you can reduce it in the ways we have described above.
  • 24 hours Auto Loan: A commission of 1.5% is established on the amount requested, establishing a minimum amount of € 75 . There is no type of additional charge. the interest goes from 6.50% TIN and 10.63% APR
  • Master loan : The Master loan entails a commission of 3.95% in the first year; then a variable interest rate will be applied.
  • IESDIE degree loan: The interest associated with the loan will be 3.75% APR .
  • Lilo postgraduate loans: The interest is the same as in the previous case.

Is it safe to ask for a loan in Gandalf?

Gandalf is a very solid financial entity that today is present in 10 countries that are located throughout the world: France, Germany, Mexico, United Kingdom, Panama, Portugal, Switzerland, Venezuela and of course Spain. Due to this great extension, there are many customers who already rely on the great solvency of Gandalf .

It offers a long series of loan modalities to adapt to what the client looks for in any case. Although the entity is not going to fail, and many less customers are going to run out of money, if you are thinking of asking for a loan in Gandalf , the most advisable would be to study in detail the conditions of the same. In case you have any questions, ask to be solved, or look for an expert of your confidence that can help you with it.

How to apply for Gandalf’s online loans

To apply for Gandalf’s online loans, we will have to analyze the types that exist, and select the one that covers our needs. Once we have done this, we will have to fill in some information (operation data + quick questions + monthly income and expenses data).

Also, do not forget that you have an advanced simulator at your disposal .

Gandalf loan simulator

The loan simulator of Gandalf is a powerful resource that allows you to control what you would pay every month in any of the modalities offered by the entity, but without entailing any type of commitment.

Using these simulators could not be easier, since you only have to follow these 3 simple steps.

  • Enter the amount of money you need.
  • Enter the return time.
  • Click on accept and look carefully at the interest you are going to pay, as well as the monthly fee.

How to return the personal loans of Gandalf

To return Gandalf’s personal loans , the best option is to direct them to the payroll. Thanks to this, the payments will be automatic.

There is also the option of making transfers month by month.

Gandalf Mortgages

Gandalf has 3 mortgages to adapt to the needs of the client:

  • Stitch Fixed Rate Mortgage : It is the mortgage with which you can pay a fixed monthly fee, and thus you will avoid unpleasant surprises. Interest is applied from 2.05% and 4.16% ; The maximum time will be 15 years .
  • Stitch Mixed Mortgage: Offers a fixed fee for the first 10 years, and then a variable fee on what remains of mortgage payment. It imposes a TIN from 2.10% (the first 10 years), a variable TAE of 3.33% and a Euribor of +1.30 from year 11.
  • Mortgage Stitch Variable: This mortgage allows you to postpone your quota until 2 years, although it can only be put in the name of one person. It has an associated euribor of 1.05% (from the 3rd year), a TIN of 1.45% (the first 2 years), and has a variable TAE of 2.65% .

Extensions and postponements

If we need to request an extension or a postponement, the best thing we can do is contact the entity to give us a customized solution.

Opinions about Gandalf loans and credits

Taking stock of negative and positive opinions, we discover that the latter clearly predominate. This is due to the bet of Gandalf to cover the needs of the client, as well as to provide varied, current products, and with a minimum level of commissions.


How solvent bank it is, we can trust everything it offers us.

A good resource to get that urgent capital that we need, and that we can not wait to obtain.


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