How to Apply for Credits and Loans Bank Online


Seeking to reinvent the way financial institutions work, Gandalf Banco Online emerges as an alternative designed to give us that financial support that we need to fulfill the personal, professional and work goals that we have in mind. It may be that what you are looking for is to start your own business, finance a trip, continue your studies or there is simply an opportunity that you can not miss.

For all these cases, there is Gandalf Bank , which has different financing systems designed to adapt to your personal needs, as well as your financial capabilities so that your pocket is not affected. If you want to know more about it, I invite you to continue reading about this wonderful option.

What is Gandalf Bank?

Gandalf Banco is a financial institution founded in 2012, whose objectives include offering its clients an innovative alternative to traditional banking, thus developing an Intelligent Banking system that has a financial system that today is valued as one of the most effective by customers and users of Gandalf bank.

In this way, Gandalf Banco is part of a specialized group that offers flexible and friendly financing solutions, so that you have all the tools you need to achieve your personal and business projects and goals, thus also having tools at your disposal. line as simulators and online banking , so you can choose the option that suits you and that will bring you more benefits.

The personal loans that Gandalf Banco offers are designed for when you need a large amount of money, since these range from 3000 to 50000 Euros . It is a very good option if you are looking to finance a large project, or if you want to have at your disposal all the financial elements and tools necessary to ensure that your small or medium project is successful.

Advantages of choosing the Credits and Loans Gandalf Bank Online

Gandalf Banco loans have multiple advantages that you can not ignore. To begin with, you do not have to have an Gandalf Bank account to apply for your loan , since this can be domiciled in the bank account of your preference, regardless of whether it is part of Gandalf Banco.

Another factor that you have to take into account and that will bring you many benefits is that, unlike other banks, to apply for a personal loan with Gandalf Bank you do not need a guarantee or other type of guarantee at the time of requesting your loan. The entire process is completely personal and you will only be asked for the basic documentation necessary to begin the process of your loan.

As if that were not enough, the moment you decide that Gandalf Banco is the best option to apply for your credit, you will have access to all the advantages that the Gandalf Smart Account has for you. You will not have to pay any extra commission or fulfill another requirement, with the sole fact of hiring your personal loan you will have the opportunity to have all the benefits of this account, which include:

  • A totally free smart card, thus having two options of financing and personal financial administration in one.
  • Possibility to always have your money as you wish.
  • A savings account with an interest rate of .20% APR with which you can collect your interest month by month.
  • Automatic and intelligent tools to carry out a systematic saving and that will bring you multiple benefits, always having it available and free of commissions or penalties.
  • You will be able to use all the functions and manage it from your smart mobile phone, with the application of Gandalf Banco Online Banking.

But the main advantage of applying for a personal loan with Gandalf , is that you never have to worry about commissions that do not make sense like the opening, the study, the partial amortization or the early cancellation. You will simply pay what you agreed from the beginning during the established time.

This is very useful if you are looking for financial stability, and have the peace of mind to always know how much to repay your loan will allow you to be calm and manage your finances successfully.

Is it safe to apply for a loan at Gandalf Banco?

Gandalf Banco is one of the most prestigious financial groups in Spain, which in its 5 years of existence has managed to expand and consolidate itself as one of the main alternatives to traditional banking, so you can be sure that Gandalf Banco is a safe option for request a loan of any kind.

Nowadays financial institutions that offer personal loans must go through a series of tests and legislations to make sure that they are legitimate and that they operate under the norms established by law. Rest assured that Gandalf Banco has all these requirements and if you have any doubts you can investigate it online.

Requirements of loans and credits Gandalf Bank Online

The requirements to contract a personal loan with Gandalf Banco are the same as those needed to contract an intelligent account. If you are already a customer of Gandalf Banco and use this type of account, you simply have to request your loan and your application will be processed immediately. If you are not yet a customer, take into account the following documentation and requirements necessary to open your smart account or your personal loan with Gandalf Banco:

  • If you are over 35 years of age, you need to pay your pension, your salary or any other income to your Gandalf Bank account for at least 600 Euros per month.
  • If you are under 35 you should only make sure you make at least 6 annual income of 300 Euros or more.
  • Have a mobile phone number.
  • You must deposit your monthly mobile receipt
  • Make two monthly payments with your Smart Card.
  • Present ID or official ID

This is how easy you can contract both your personal loan and your Smart Account. You can perform the process completely online or from your preferred branch.

Interest rates on personal loans Gandalf Banco Online

The interest rates of Gandalf Banco are designed to adapt to your needs and possibilities, and vary taking into account the amount of money you need and the term to pay. These cups are really flexible and start with a TIN of 8.45% and an APR of 9.27%,

As long as you register your payroll and hire a life insurance with Gandalf Bank. If you decide to apply for one of the benefits of Gandalf Banco loans without linking your payroll, you can do so with a TIN a little higher than 9.45% and an APR of 9.87%. What if you can be sure that there will be no commission for opening, for studies or any other concept, which provides an incredible advantage over other banks that like to charge commissions in addition to the variable and fixed interest rates established in the amortizations.

Gandalf Banco will always look for your consumption to be responsible and that you can solve it, therefore, it will not offer you loans that you can not pay or that imbalance your financial status. That is why from the beginning you will have personalized advice to meet the goals you have proposed. You will see how the cups, deadlines and amortizations will be fully adapted to your situation so that you can fulfill your personal or business project in the shortest time possible and with the greatest ease available, safely and always with assistance and personalized service .

Can you ask for a loan with Phineas in Gandalf Banco?

The requirements to apply for a personal loan from Gandalf Banco do not specify if people in delinquent lists such as the Phineas are excluded from hiring a personal loan with Gandalf Banco, so if this is your case you can start your procedure without any problem . However, it is important that you always take into account that for any bank and financial institution, appearing on a delinquent list can be a contributing factor in denying you a loan or opening an account.

If you have more doubts about this, do not hesitate to go to your nearest branch of Gandalf Bank to explain your case or call by phone to get personalized assistance.

Gandalf Banco mobile application and customer service

Gandalf Bank has a special telephone number for each city where it provides its services. You can check them all on their official website, calling your nearest branch where you can solve all your doubts and problems concerning your personal loan or your smart account.

Keep in mind that you will receive personalized and very friendly assistance, always being attended by experts in the field that will give you different options or give you the necessary instructions to solve your problems. You can also go to one of the many branches of Gandalf Banco where you will find personalized assistance.

If what you want is to carry out your movements, transactions, balance inquiries and other operations from the palm of your hand, you will be able to download the official application for Mobile phone of Gandalf Bank , where you will have at your disposal an Intelligent Banking totally in line that will be very useful and will save you calls and trips to the branches.

To use it you need to have your Gandalf Banco smart account , but remember that you will get it automatically and without any cost when hiring your personal loan with Gandalf Bank.

Types of credits and loans in GandalfBanco Online

In addition to the personal loans and credits of Gandalf Bank of which we have already spoken, this financial institution also offers mortgage financing options for you to obtain that property with which you have dreamed so much for you and your loved ones. This type of mortgage loan is a little different from the personal loan, but it has advantages and benefits that will make you decide for Gandalf Banco to finance your housing projects.

Among the characteristics of this type of mortgage loans are:

  • Do not worry about the floor or ceiling clauses, because if the Euribor goes up, your differential will go down.
  • There are no fees or hidden payments on your mortgage loan, you only pay what is established from the beginning.
  • If you are punctual with your payments and you make them without any problem, your interest will be reduced and you will be part of the preferred clients.
  • You can start your mortgage loan application in just 3 minutes.

This type of loan is constantly Gandalflving and adapts to you and your needs, without neglecting the economic context and current legislation on mortgage loans and loans. It is a mortgage loan for those people who like to have their money under control and who anticipate the possible fluctuations of the market that can happen. Your interest will be reviewed every 12 months, and if you find yourself in a difficult situation such as unemployment or work disability, you will only pay interest for a period of up to two years.

The only thing you need to apply for your Gandalf Banco mortgage loan , in addition to the basic documentation, is to pay your salary and take out a home insurance for your protection and benefit. You will not find another type of mortgage loan with the advantages and benefits offered by Gandalf Banco, and if you have any doubts about it, do not hesitate to consult your branches or telephone to find out more about it.

How to apply for credits and loans from Gandalf Banco Online

Applying for a personal loan with Gandalf Banco is very simple and you can start the process completely online. Simply enter the official Gandalf website and locate the branch closest to you. There you can see hours of attention and its precise location on the map. You can also schedule an appointment from the same web page, in this way there will be no way to waste your time doing lines.

Another option available for your convenience is to call one of the Gandalf Banco offices by phone to request assistance and more information. You will see how experienced executives can kindly answer all your doubts about it.

How to return the credits of Gandalf Bank

Returning credits and personal loans in other banks is an extremely difficult task that we have to face month after month due to the commissions that appear without previous notice, the very high interest rates and the studies that supposedly are done to us at the moment of want to apply for a loan. Gandalf Bank does not include any of these options, and you can choose a term that goes from 12 to 96 months to repay your loan at your own pace, always knowing the monthly payment you are paying, the dates and the corresponding amortizations.

In addition, you will not have to worry about making long lines to return your loan, since this can be domiciled to the bank account that you currently use, regardless of the bank that is. All you have to do is make sure that your account has sufficient capital at the time you have to make the payment, and everything else will be done automatically and without any problem.

Extensions and postponements at Gandalf Banco

We can all go through difficult times both economically and emotionally. That is why if for some reason you are unable to make your payment within the term established in your loan agreement, do not hesitate to go to your nearest branch or contact one of the Gandalf Banco telephone executives, so that together they can find a solution to your problems and offer you a line of credit with a different term or system of amortizations, all in order that you can make your payments in the shortest possible time and without these generating an economic imbalance.

Opinions on Gandalf Banco

Gandalf bank has an approval rate of 81% of its customers and users, being the best qualified banks in Spain. Many of their customers express their satisfaction when hiring their personal loans with Gandalf Bank, since there are no hidden fees or hidden fees to pay, not to mention that they are the ones who choose the amount to be paid and the repayment terms from the beginning.

Additionally, the facilities to pay and the low and flexible interest rates make the Gandalf Banco personal loans a really favorable option to carry out all types of projects, whether personal or business with the greatest comfort and customer service that is they deserve their users.


Gandalf bank is a very convenient alternative if you are looking for a loan that suits your needs and financial possibilities. Your customer service and tools that will facilitate your financing and personal financial management are a great advantage for all types of people, regardless of your credit history or the reason you want to request a personal loan.


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