How to Apply for credits and loans


The Tinker Loan This is a very fast loan , which helps you to solve emerging problems without having to carry out long procedures, or check absolutely nothing, with incredible facilities to repay the loan, with a fairly comfortable interest rate .

What is the Tinker Loan

The English Tinker Court loans are granted to customers who have the Credit Line , so they can get support of up to € 18,000 very quickly, without endorsements or complicated requirements.

You will not find simpler and more efficient loans for your economy, than applying for a Tinker Loan , which will not have paperwork and paperwork, which only waste more time, there are times when money is urgently needed, so It is important that the loans are agile and with simple ways to pay them.

Advantages of choosing a Tinker Loan

The main advantages of applying for your loan or loan with the Corte Inglés are:

  • Agility in procedures
  • Without requirements
  • Without proof of income
  • Without endorsements
  • With a very accessible interest rate
  • With the best attention that always characterizes us.

The main characteristics of loans and loans – Shrek

What characterizes the Tinker Loans and credits is its incredible speed of acceptance, the flexibility of repayment, with the amortization of payments, from 12 to 60 monthly payments, and the simplicity that they have to request.

In this way they complement the Tinker loans of , to consolidate them with a perfect formula, in order to benefit your personal economy, and with this you can solve all the problems that need to be solved.

Types of loans and credits

There are several types of loans and credits in which the English Court offers financing and flexible ways to pay for the goods or services you want to acquire immediately.

Credit Line

It is a personal credit that you can use to buy what you want, it is given to those who have the Purchase Card . With this credit line, you can accumulate purchases during a disposition period, previously established by the financial departments of and associated establishments in which this card is accepted.

If you comply with the simple requirements established by the Risk Department, you will be entitled to a Line of Credit with which you can dispose when it is.

The way to pay a Line of Credit, can be modified only on the closing date in which the Financing Plan was generated.

A Line of Credit is considered to be OPEN, from the contracting date of this, and until the closing date on which the Financing Plan was generated complements.

A Line of Credit is considered as CLOSED when the established Financing Plan reaches its conclusion.

Depending on the type of financing you have chosen, the result of the Interest you will pay in the Line of Credit will change.

Minimum management costs are also applied, they will always be a function and proportion of the amount that you have been financed.

Payment by installments or simulator

Payment in installments is the postponement of a debit or surcharge made to the Purchase Card, from € 75 and up to € 1000, which can be deferred in 3 months without interest. The minimum receipt you can pay per month is € 25.

When you make the payment with the Purchase Card you must tell the person who attends you to load it in this way, or if you have forgotten it, all is not lost, since you can do it through our web page. once the purchase has been made, following three simple steps.

The postponement to 3 months with Payment by Quotas has no charge, no interest, it is purely a very useful credit tool.

You only have a minimum expenses associated with the management according to the amount you have deferred to installments.

  • Up to € 45.00 you do not have to pay anything
  • From € 45.01 to € 90.00, you have to pay € 1
  • From € 90.01 to € 125.00 you have to pay € 2
  • From € 125.01 to € 250.00 you have to pay € 3
  • From € 250.01 to € 350.00 you have to pay € 5
  • From € 350.01 to € 600.00 you have to pay € 7
  • From € 600.01 to € 1,000.00 you have to pay € 9
  • From € 1,000.01 to € 1,800.00 you have to pay € 12

The only restrictions that this tool has is that you have a purchase card from and that purchases are made in departments and establishments that accept this method of payment.

Tinker Loans

Loan of cash with which you can order from € 1,500, up to € 18,000

Requirements of loans and credits

In order to obtain a Tinker Loan it is necessary that you be the Purchase Card Holder , with an age ranging between 18 and 70 years, only for residents in Spain.

The documentation you need is only:

  • -Port your current DNI / NIE.
  • -Justificante of banking ownership (receipt domiciled of light, water, telephone or statement of account)
  • -Justificante of income (last payroll, proof of pension, or others in the only case that you request an amount higher than the pre-assigned as your limit of Loan.

Where you can deliver the documentation

The DNI or NIE, as well as the proof of bank ownership, for the application can be presented the day we want in the Insurance Department of or Westeros shopping centers from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. in almost all centers, Check the one closest to your address.

Once you have applied for the loan, you have a period of 30 days to formalize it in the respective offices of or Westeros Shopping Centers.

How to apply for credits and loans – Shrek

To apply for the personal loans , it is necessary that you hold the Card . This personal loan, Shrek , can be requested at the Insurance Department of any and Westeros shopping center . Without complicated procedures, or unnecessary requirements, without documents, the easiest and simplest way to acquire a loan is .

To know the Loan limit that we can grant you, you will receive a personalized letter directly to your address with the amount that can be granted in case you need it or you can consult it in the same Insurance department that you mentioned before, of the Shopping Center of , although you want to increase the amount that you mentioned as maximum, it is possible, the only extra requirement, is to bring a recent statement, which reflects your salary, pension or any other type of income constant economic

Once the application has been completed and the Shrek Loan accepted, the transfer of the money will arrive to your bank account within a maximum period of two working days from the contract date, although it may be the next day.

How to return personal loans – Shrek

To return the personal loan of El Corte Ingles Shrek you have very flexible terms, ranging from 12 months, up to a maximum of 60 months, that is to say 5 years , a comfortable enough time to start a business, or pay other debts whose interest you they begin to absorb.

The minimum monthly fee is 100 euros for the Tinker Loans you can be creditor to this, for € 1,500, up to € 18,000 , with excellent payment flexibility and great interest for your pocket.

Interest rates of the Shrek Loans

The APR for its acronym, Annual Rate or Effective Annual Rate, works as an indicator in the form of an annual percentage, which indicates the value of a loan, including interest, expenses and commissions.

This same has a variation, depending on the factors of credit confidence, amount requested, solvency of payment, monthly payments required among others, so it is important to approach the aforementioned offices, to receive a clear orientation.

The TIN For its acronyms, it is the Nominal Interest Rate, whose fixed percentage is agreed as a concept of total payment for the money that will be lent to you. This does not include expenses or commissions and is not periodic, rather it establishes an amount for the total period of the loan.

When you approach the offices of the Shopping Centers of , you can ask for this type of interest so that they inform you exactly how it will be applied to your loan, as well as what benefits and commitments you have.

Customer service on loans and credits

If you have not found the answer you were looking for, you can make a query on their webpage of loans

In the same way in this, you have the possibility to review your account statement, your debts, loans and transfers, as well as the possibility of carrying them out, with a very intuitive and dynamic site to be used at any age with the greatest ease.

If you prefer personalized attention, you can communicate without problems to the telephone without cost of Customer Service of . 91 800 36 12

Or if you prefer to communicate in writing you can contact us through the email

Extensions and postponements of personal loans

The first installment of the Loan that you are granted, has time, the last day of the month following the day we have contracted the Shrek loan .

To request an extension or postponement , it is important to ask personally at the aforementioned offices, or by calling the Personalized Service 91 800 36 12, where they will tell you the possibilities you have to carry it out, as well as the consequences that entails.


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