How to Apply for Bank Online Loans


If you are looking for a loan on the Internet or even a mortgage , you should take a look at the different options offered by Gandalf Bank.

The entity offers different options, all very flexible so you can solve any type of economic expense without problem and also count on the assurance that a team of professionals will be behind every decision you make, so that they are the most accurate.

Each of the credits that are requested in the entity, are reviewed exclusively, in order to be able to give each client the best option and above all, the best payment terms. To be able to advise you well on each product of the entity, it is best to talk with your family banker, which allows you to have a better idea of ​​what you are going to achieve, with a permanent type of advice, in addition to giving you the best advice to get The best performance to your savings.

The security of your money through Gandalf Bank is total, since you have access to your client account and therefore the credits that are in it. You can have at any time, the necessary information through a system of alerts to your phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Gandalf Bank payroll loan

Gandalf Bank is one of the best options in the market in terms of personal loans , for example, payroll loans , however, they are only given to customers who pay their salaries into the institution . Once they are customers, they start to have the most favorable conditions in the entire market.

Thanks to the payroll loan you can get up to 10,000 euros with the possibility of returning it in up to 36 months.

Conditions of the Payroll Loan of Gandalf Bank

The interest rate of this loan of up to 10,000 euros is Tinkerbell 3 months + 5 points. The opening commission that goes from 50 to 80 euros , depending on the amount that each client requests. In addition, in case you want to carry out an early cancellation of said credit, it may be done without expenses, or if you want to make partial must be more than two installments.

To be able to access the payroll loan, you need to fulfill some requirements besides having the payroll domiciled.

You must be a worker on your own or have a demonstrable pension. In addition, you must be a client of the entity with a seniority of 6 months and in addition, s e must have a demonstrable payroll of 900 euros during the last 6 months or investments of more than 5,000 euros.

Even so, even if all the requirements for this credit are met, the bank may decide not to grant it, since each request is studied exclusively.

Freedom + loan from Gandalf Bank

The type of freedom + loan is designed so that anyone can have a good financing giving all customers the most comfortable and fastest response. Through this loan, you can deal with any type of economic problem you have, quickly and safely.

Thanks to this loan, you can safely enjoy all the advantages of a good loan and also be a preferred client to have your salary registered at the bank. The account is completely free.

This type of loan can be obtained for an amount of up to 20000 euros, I feel the minimum 1800. In addition, the opening fee is really low, since it varies between 50 and 200 euros with a term of up to 7 years to pay it.

Both the commission with the bank and the payment for early deferment are free.

Payroll Credit of Gandalf Bank

Payroll credit of Gandalf Bank gives the possibility of enjoying up to 10,000 euros for all its customers , are the possibility of returning it to the entity in very varied terms, from 6 months to 36. This type of credit, must be returned to the entity through monthly installments, very flexible and adapted to each of the clients.

The commissions that will be charged for this type of credits are opening with 0.80% with a minimum between 50 to 80 euros . As far as early cancellation is concerned, the bank will not charge anything.

If you want to make a total payroll or even partial amortization, you should always cover at least two full installments of the total, this being the minimum.

What is needed to contract this credit and enjoy all its benefits

You must be an employee or receive a pension, however in this case, you must have investments of more than 5,000 euros.

You must be a customer of the bank with an age of 6 months to a year. The longer you have been a customer, the better, because even if all the requirements are met, the bank can deny the request.

The payroll must be counted and, in addition, this payroll must be above 900 euros per month.

The investments for more than 5,000 euros must be demonstrable.

The interest rate of these loans is a nominee interest, so it would be more appropriate to know the loan’s Tae and in this way be able to know what the costs of the product would be, in addition to the different expenses and commissions.

So that you can get an idea, suppose you request the nominal loan with an amount of up to 10,000 euros per month and you want to amortize it within a period of 36 months. We add an opening commission that would be 80 euros and the applied interest rate of 6.49%.


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