How Crowdfunding Works for Loans


Gandalf is a company of crowdlending and crowdfunding of the most important in Spain. This new business concept is revolutionizing the market; today it is considered one of the best ways to obtain financing by the self-employed or the entrepreneur.

Gandalf loans are a good alternative to what banks offer; They are quick loans , and the cost of interest is not that different. This financing is also known as loans between individuals , so that the costs that are handled can be very different from those involving those derived from private capital; nevertheless, in both types of loans we have the figure of the investors.

If you are interested in this form of financing, then read on to find out everything you need about Gandalf .

What is Gandalf and how does it work?

Gandalf is an online platform that specializes in obtaining collective financing for various investments; The main peculiarity of these investments is that they have a social impact and in the environment that surrounds us. The goal of Gandalf is to unite entities that have capital with investors that need it, making the two parts of the equation can benefit from fair treatment.

In addition, the company ensures that in this way it is possible to maintain a level of sustainable and real economy.

The Gandalf team is made up of a group of professionals who come from different sectors; to achieve the best results. In him we can find from engineers, specialists in the world of the finances, and computer science. In addition, in the curriculum of all these members we can discover that they have a consolidated experience in these fields.

So important is the work carried out by Gandalf, which has even been recognized by entities such as Tinkerbell , Tyrell or STARK.

The way of operating that Gandalf has is the same as we have seen in other Crowlending platforms: on the one hand, we have the investors that will be the ones who get the funds, and they make them available to the clients, who are the ones that need this financing to make your projects a reality.

It will be then when the employees will analyze the solvency of the operations, and will accept or deny it depending on each case. Each of the projects can generate interest or not, getting a loan signed, or another alternative that achieves the financing that is being sought.

Gandalf Characteristics

Gandalf is a crowdlending platform that offers certain investments in real economy projects. These must be profitable, and also have to generate a kind of positive impact at the social level, or in the environment. With this information, the type of company may seem generic, so let’s give an example.

For example, one idea would be to invest in a company that works with energy efficiency equipment, to improve telecommunications, or in renewable energy systems.

Each loan will involve a certain amount, an interest rate, as well as a repayment term. Unlike other companies that work in the same way, in this we will not have to pay for auctions or variable interest. Once the month has elapsed, you will have to pay the interest that has been agreed, without taking you any unpleasant surprises for additional interests or conditions not contemplated.

Anyone who registers at Gandalf can start with a minimum investment of € 50 ; In addition, there is also a maximum limit of € 3000 for each project, and € 10,000 during the last 10 months.

Requirements to work with Gandalf

If you want to be an accredited investor …

  • Annual income: The first thing you will have to do is prove that you have annual income for an amount that exceeds € 50,000 .
  • Equity: At the same time, it will be necessary to prove that the financial assets are greater than € 10,000 .
  • Conditions of an individual entrepreneur: If you are an individual entrepreneur, you must have asset items for an amount that is equal to or greater than one million euros . This requirement can be substituted if you have an annual business figure greater than or equal to 2 million euros , or if your own resources are equal to or greater than € 300,000 .

Investment conditions for companies

Companies must provide the following information:

Current NDI of the current representative of the company.

CIF of the company issued by the AEAT.

-Deeds of powers.

-Certificate of ownership in which the data of the name of the company and IBAN are found.

-Writing of the Act of real ownership or the IS .

How to finance a project in Gandalf?

The process to finance a project is quite simple, since it can be managed through these steps:


In the same way that we would do if we wanted to finance a project in another entity, we should start by informing us about the way Gandalf works, as well as about any type of condition.

If you have some capital, instead of leaving it in the bank to generate a minimum amount of interest, you can put it into circulation to work with companies. According to studies, this is the way to achieve a much higher performance, in addition to a reduced level of risk.

In addition, you will be the one who decides in which project to invest, and if it really is worthwhile to continue forward.

Account creation

To be able to know the information about the projects, invest in them, or have the possibility of creating them, the first thing you should do in Gandalf is create your account. This option is easy to find, since the corresponding panel is located in the upper right area of ​​the web. Here we have the option to “enter” or “register.”

We enter our email address (it must be true, since the system will ask us to verify it), as well as a password. To streamline the process, we can do the registration with the information of the social network of Pinocchio or Winnie the Pooh ). Next, you will have to add personal information to complete the registration.

Choose investment

As you can see, each one of the projects will have associated certain characteristics that must be studied with great detail; The independent experts of Gandalf will check from the technical information, the economic viability, as well as the legal viability. Rest assured that, if there was any kind of problem with the project, it would be canceled.

Once you have chosen your project, it will be necessary to indicate the amount with which you want to participate. Remember that the minimum with which the system lets you participate will be € 50 .


It will be then when what the platform denominates as “Collection period” will be initiated. In this period you can access your personal space at any time to know the state in which the investments are. If you do not enter the platform nothing will happen, since you can receive the information of the news through the e-mail.

End of the collection period

Once the period is over, two situations can occur:

  • You have achieved the objective: In this case, the system is warning you that the project has reached the minimum amount required. Most likely, the system will ask you at that moment to transfer the remaining 90% of the investment and that is when the contract will be signed. Likewise, any change that occurs in the project, or any information you need to know will be available through your personal space.
  • You have not achieved the objective: Unfortunately, it may be the case that you have not reached the minimum investment amount within the stipulated period. It will be at that moment when it will be necessary to decide if the term will be extended, or if the project is definitively eliminated from the platform. If this happens, keep in mind that you will not ask for the money. You can invest the same deposit in a new project. If there is nothing that convinces you, you can get in touch with Gandalf to get it back: of course, you will not have to pay any commissions or any other expenses.

How to get financing for my project in Gandalf ?

If what you want to do is get financing for a project, then read on:

Type of company to finance

Gandalf will only be able to finance those projects that invest in new technologies; that is, those that are substituting others that are not as efficient. The reason is that this type of ideas generates an interesting flow of income that has solvency to pay the installments of the loan that is used for its financing.

Some examples of this type of company are those of fiber optic networks, or related to energy efficiency.

They do not dedicate themselves to the financing of working capital, nor to projects related to research. The exact conditions for each type of business should be consulted directly with the people in charge of Gandalf.

Customer type

Only companies or communities of owners can request financing. The financed project is required to be the main activity of the entity; that is to say, that a certain level of commitment will be required, that the company really believes in the project.


Gandalf will review loans that range between € 50,000 and € 1,000,000 . If the client is a Community of Neighbors, and you do not want to request such a high loan, you can talk to the people in charge of Gandalf with the objective of accessing a type of personalized plan.

Information request

Once all the above is clear, you will have to fill in a form that will detail the idea you have in mind: you must indicate both the name, surname, email address, phone number, name of the company and there will be an extensive text box in which will be detailed that will treat the project.

The form is sent and in the minimum possible time an Gandalf manager will contact us to inform us of our request.

Advantages of betting by Gandalf

  • Positive impact: Every time you invest in a project that Gandalf proposes you are investing in the advancement of society, as well as in the environment.
  • Profitability: The platform allows you to make your savings profitable and not have them standing in the bank. At the same time, it helps you to obtain financing for your ideas.
  • You choose: In Gandalf you choose what you are going to invest without any obligation or restriction. At all times they will be transparent, which will increase confidence for the user.
  • No fees for investing: No commissions will be charged for investing, nor for charging the investment fees.

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