Gateshead Council: Planning Requests Week ending September 17


The list below, taken from the Gateshead Council website, contains the validated and decided applications from the past week.

Planning requests received this week

  • Proposed non-material modification of DC / 20/01155 / HHA for a one story rear extension to modify the cantilever design of the existing structure at 30 Beechwood Avenue, Lyndhurst, Gateshead, Tyne And Wear
  • Proposed non-material modification from DC / 21/00315 / HHA for a 2 story side extension to convert the garage into living space at Grove Cottage, Ryton Village East, Ryton Central, Ryton
  • Proposed non-substantial modification to DC / 20/00494 / FUL to authorize the modified fence line to Cuthbert House, Derwentwater Road, Teams Gateshead
  • Proposed one-storey side extension at 86 Beechwood Gardens, Lobley Hill, Gateshead
  • Proposed front extension to expand garage and renew porch at 21 Valley Drive, Low Fell, Gateshead
  • Proposed upgrade of existing 12.5m Hutchinson Engineering Elara pole on D6 root foundation: removal of existing Lancaster equipment cabinet, existing RBS6102 equipment cabinet and 12.5m Streetpole high. Installation of a 20.0m high Hutchinson Engineering Orion SW post on the new D9 root foundation incorporating a post top mounted GPS module, 2no. dishes and 6no. antennas and 3no. RRU mounted on pole spine and proposed Yorkshire equipment cabinet on new root foundation (description revised 13.09.2021) to Whickham Highway, Whickham, Gateshead
  • Removal of the existing 17.5m Elara street post and installation of a replacement 20m Orion street post supporting 6no. antennas, 1no. transmission dish and ERS units moved under the antenna; deletion of 2no. 1no equipment and installation cabinets. replacement equipment cabinet with ancillary development at Garth Farm Road, Sw Blaydon, Newcastle
  • Change in the use of commercial counters within class B8, as well as the demolition of part of the existing structure and outbuildings, changes in elevations, creation of a new parking lot and other works associated with the ‘old Tegrel Ltd Tundry Way, Chainbridge Road, Blaydon On Tyne
  • Temporary installations and illuminated path through the grounds and gardens as well as the erection of temporary food and drink stalls and fairground rides between November and January (including the period of installation and dismantling) for a continuous period of three years to THE NATIONAL TRUST Adjacent Garden House, Hillhead Lane, Gibside, Whickham, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Construction of a wooden frame stable block comprising two stables to house the horses and an associated hard space. Change in use of a small area of ​​surrounding land to keep horses on land south of Clara Vale, Village Hall, South View, Clara Vale, Ryton
  • Construction of additional storage space, rehabilitation to form a level area, gabion retaining wall, erection of fences, concrete base and installation of a steel shed, remediation and planting of shrubs at the Land Of Oak And Iron Heritage Center Spa Well Road, Winlaton Mill, Blaydon
  • Addition of a porch to the front of the house at Hamton House, 7B North Side, North Side, Birtley
  • Change of use from (Class E) to Beverage Establishment with Extended Food Supply (Class E (B)) (Sui Generis) at Abel House Station Road, Rowlands Gill
  • Proposed 2-story side extension and 1-story rear extension (Revision of DC / 21/00255 / HHA) at 48 Warwick Avenue, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • One-storey side extension project at 7 Vigodale Birtley, Chester Le Street
  • Proposed 3 storey rear extension and skylight and skylight to the front elevation of 257 Coatsworth Road, Gateshead
  • One storey extension east of existing packaging and storage area to Tor Coatings Ltd Portobello Road, Portobello, Birtley
  • Two-storey extensions of the north and south facades, modifications to the existing roof and front facade. Internal modifications at 2 Cornmoor Road, Whickham
  • One-story rear extension project to Garden Cottage, Main Road, Barmoor, Ryton
  • Proposed extension of the goods warehouse at Dalziel Ltd, William Street, Felling Central, Felling
  • One-story rear extension project at Cox Close Cottage Ravensworth Park Access Road, Sunniside, Whickham, Gateshead, Gateshead
  • One-story rear extension project at Cox Close Cottage, Ravensworth Park, Access Road, Sunniside, Whickham, Gateshead, Gateshead
  • 2 story side, 1 story rear extensions and new front porch at 762 Durham Road, Gateshead
  • The construction of a garden shed to allow storage of garden equipment and tools that cannot be stored on the main property at 24 Berkley Avenue, Axwell Park, Blaydon
  • Relocation of the existing post to Pennyfine Road, Sunniside, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Change in use of mixed-use housing (dog housing and grooming) at 51 Kenmore Close, Felling, Gateshead
  • Proposed two-story extensions to the back and side of Dunelm, The Plantation, Low Fell, Gateshead
  • Extension project of the ground floor on the side of the property to 41 Burghley Road, Windy Nook, Felling
  • Change in use of professional financial services (use class A2) to coliving Units of 15 rooms each with private bathroom HMO (sui generis), including demolition of the existing single-storey garage extension at ground floor, construction of a new 3-storey extension, incorporating two parking spaces and internal bicycle storage and a dedicated waste storage area in the backyard of Granville House, 16 Durham Road, Gateshead
  • First floor side extension project at 11 Elsdon Gardens, Gateshead

Recently decided planning requests

  • One-story rear extension project at 10 Eastwood Gardens, Nest Estate, Felling – Allowed
  • Tree works at 24 Berkeley Avenue Axwell Park Blaydon (modified) at 24 Berkley Avenue, Axwell Park, Blaydon – Allowed
  • New storefront at Unit 2 Derwent House, Station Road, Rowlands Gill – Allowed
  • Proposed extension of the first story above the branch of an existing storey to the south elevation of 14 Burnop Terrace, High Spen, Rowlands Gill – Refuse
  • Front porch offered at 27 Chesters Gardens, Crawcrook, Ryton – Allowed
  • Self-contained cold room, extraction unit, condensing units and outdoor seating area at the rear of the bakery and a 1.2m high fence above the eastern perimeter wall (modified / additional information submitted 17.06. 2021, 21.06.2021, 08.07.2021, 11.08.2021) at 13-14 River View, Blackhall Mill, Chopwell – Allowed


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