Gateshead Council: Planning Inquiries Week ending January 7


The list below, taken from the Gateshead Council website, contains the nominations decided on last week.

Recently decided planning requests

  • First floor extension on the side extension of an existing floor at the same footprint plus the addition of a front porch (Resubmission from DC / 21/00957 / HHA) at 5 Warrens Walk, Winlaton, Blaydon
  • Tree work in the garden of (8 Lilac Gardens) at 8 Lilac Gardens, Gateshead
  • Proposed one-story side extension at 39 Pinewood Gardens, Lobley Hill, Gateshead
  • One-story rear extension project at 30 Parklands Way, Wardley Felling
  • Rear and side extensions offered at 66 Slaley Close, Felling, Gateshead
  • Main floor rear extension project at 36 Selkirk Crescent, Northside, Birtley
  • Proposed non-material modification of DC / 17/01215 / HHA to adjust the flare and introduce side lights on either side of the front door and omit the west gable and rear wall windows of the rear extension to 26 Meldon Way, Winlaton
  • Proposed three storey rear extension, one storey extension above existing rear garage, dormer at rear roof slope and skylight at front roof slope to 257 Coatsworth Road, Bensham, Gateshead
  • Variation of conditions 1 (approved plans); 43 (hotel equipment); 44 (possibilities of works of art); 48 (exterior lighting); 52 (wind attenuation); 56 (off-site biodiversity); 65 (noise reduction); and 67 (pending restrictions) of building permit DC / 20/00323 / FUL for the erection of an indoor event arena (use class D2), conference and exhibition center including meeting rooms meeting and associated facilities (usage classes D1 and D2), double-brand hotel with rooftop bar (usage class C1), provision of commercial and leisure spaces (usage classes A1, A3 and A4) and an outdoor performance space with landscaping, public domain and infrastructure works as well as associated engineering operations, safety measures and signposted passages (additional information and modified plans received on 15/09 / 20 and amended on 10/12/20) at the site bounded by Mill Road, Hawks Road and South Shore Road, Gateshead
  • Entrance porch at 33 Coniston Gardens, Gateshead
  • First floor extension project erected at 47 Windermere Street, West Bensham, Gateshead
  • One-story rear extension at 4 Southfield Gardens, Whickham
  • First floor rear extension with internal modifications at 29 Mitchell Street, Crawcrook, Ryton
  • Demolition of old South Acre, 39 Barlow Road, Barlow, Blaydon-On-Tyne, NE21 6JU and erection of 2 detached 2 storey, 4 bedroom dwellings at South Acre 39 Barlow Road, Barlow, Blaydon On Tyne
  • Two story side post project at 52 Glanton Close, Gateshead
  • Demolition of the front and side of the existing garage and erection of a replacement front and side garage, including modification to raise the garage roof and perimeter wall to 84 Church Road, Low Fell, Gateshead
  • One storey front expansion, replacing the existing flat roof with a sloping roof, rebuilding the main house rear return wall and repositioning the back door at 20 The Cedars, Whickham
  • Proposed non-material amendment to DC / 19/01262 / FUL to allow minor modifications to the layout of the approved plans of the Metrocentre Green Car Park St, Michaels Way, Whickham
  • Front hall extension and internal modifications to allow wheelchair and disabled access to the existing building up to Chowdene Chapel 660 Durham Road, Gateshead
  • Assembly of autonomous photovoltaic equipment at the Metrocentre Green Car Park, St Michaels Way, Whickham
  • Extension of existing driveway at 2 Derwent Water Drive, Blaydon
  • One-story side extension at Central House Ninth Avenue, East Team Valley, Gateshead
  • Proposed one-story side extension (revised from DC / 18/01202 / HHA) at 67 Windermere Street, West Gateshead
  • Installation of 1 pharmacy internally lit cross with metal frame with plastic faces and 1 tray with metal logo with LED lighting up to the front elevation of The Lodge Rectory Lane, Whickham, Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Subdivision of the car park with a 2.4m high fence to form an ambulance parking area, including the location of a 14m x 10m prefab building in the secure area to be used as an ambulance office and room training for the Upper Car Park Level Rear Swallow Hotel, Gladstone Terrace, Gateshead
  • Change of use of the public road and construction of a glazed extension to the south elevation of the restaurant to 3-4 The Square, Whickham

Pre-approval required and approved

  • Construction of additional storage space, rehabilitation to form a level area, gabion retaining wall, erection of fences, concrete base and installation of a steel shed, remediation and planting of shrubs at Spa Land Of Oak And Iron Heritage Center, Well Road, Winlaton Mill, Blaydon – To agree


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