For the Blue Devils, the pressure of being Coach K’s last Duke team is a reality they accept – The Athletic


SAN FRANCISCO — Mike Krzyzewski stood in the middle of the field, his hands clasped behind his back, the day’s practice plan hanging to his left. He didn’t say much, sharing an occasional reminder to “be ready for the shoot”, which Trevor Keels immediately repeated. Meanwhile, Jon Scheyer, training plan folded lengthwise and tucked into the waistband of his sweatpants, bounced under the hoop and towards the wing. He raised his hands to the face of the spotted shooter before moving back to the middle of the paint, pulling up his pants to get into a defensive position, then dashing past the next shooter in the opposite corner. When Jeremy Roach blasted him for coming out a little late, Scheyer didn’t miss a beat. “I didn’t need to be there for that one,” he said, as Roach’s shot slammed into the front of the rim.

So nothing has changed yet. Scheyer is still the fun young assistant, the one who jumps into drills and throws a bit of chatter at his players, and Krzyzewski is very responsible. But the relay is at least on hold, somewhere between the third inning and the final transfer of the relay. Krzyzewski’s attachment is through the shards of his fingers. At best, he has 160 minutes of basketball competition left in his career.

By necessity, then, the circus must follow him wherever he goes, a cavalcade that feels like both respectful witness to history and ambulance chasers.


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