Feye named head coach of cheerleading



DURHAM – Duke Athletics announced on Friday that Matt Feye was appointed head coach of the cheerleaders.

“I am very honored to have the opportunity to be the head cheerleader coach at a university as respected as Duke,” said Feye. “As I look to the future with the Duke Spirit program, I greatly appreciate this incredible opportunity. I am delighted to have the chance to do what I love here at Duke with an amazing team of young men and women. . I am committed to making the Spirit program a driver of excellence. ”

Prior to his role at Duke, Feye was head coach of the Rabble Rousers and assistant director of events and championships at the Army West Point for five seasons.

Feye led his team to the 2019 NCA Collegiate Cheer and Dance Championships in Daytona, Florida. The Black Knights competed in a small mixed 1A division. Feye also contributed to the Rabble Rousers’ fundraising efforts.

In addition, Feye was the primary game day manager for several sports in the sports department and was the championship manager for the 2017 NCAA Division I Gymnastics Championship.

Feye began his career at West Point in early 2016-17 where he was an operations intern. He assumed his current role in May 2018. He also assisted the Marketing department, helping to lead and coordinate the Black Knights Alley fan interaction area.

Prior to West Point, Feye was a sports marketing intern at Iona College, facilitating the growth of sponsorship relationships and helping to develop new partnerships. He secured several partnerships for the Gaels valued at $ 15,000.

He has also served as a Chief Instructor for the National Cheerleaders Association, managing cheerleader camps and developing a professional relationship with coaches by managing facilities and preparing employee and camp schedules. Feye administered coaching meetings and prepared employee reviews, in addition to helping organize events such as cheerleading competitions, the Christmas Day Parade, and match-day focused events and activities. The NCA voted him Best Rookie of the Year and Best Vet of the Year during his tenure with the organization.

As a student, Feye applauded at the University of South Carolina where he received the Jamey Collins Scholarship for Cheerleading. While in Columbia, SC, Feye served as the university’s ambassador, represented the pride and excellence of the university, and attended NCA College National in Daytona Beach, Fla. In the Large Co-ed Division IA where the Gamecocks have placed in the top five every year. As a Gamecock he won the Most School Spirited Award.

Feye graduated from South Carolina in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Sports and Entertainment Management. Currently, Feye is a US Army specialist as a 12 Bravo Combat Engineer.




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