Durham University: generous scholarships, extraordinary graduates


The best universities know the importance of having as many talent, from as many backgrounds as possible, on their campus. A more diverse cohort of students enriches discussions and debates. They make sure that the intellectual impact of the institution reflects the demographics of the world, not just a part of them. With the best and the brightest in their roll call, these universities can also compete better in global rankings.

Durham University is that kind of higher education institution. The World Top 100 University (QS World University Rankings 2022) understands that there are enough barriers in life – higher education shouldn’t be one of them. No one should be prevented from pursuing knowledge because he has not won the lottery of life by being born in certain countries or certain socio-economic classes.

Durham University International scholarships 2022 plays this vital role in expanding the best of a British education to all. Students from Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan and Vietnam who wish to start their undergraduate or postgraduate studies in 2022 are welcome to apply.

To apply, you must complete the appropriate program application process in its entirety, hold a conditional offer, and accept the offer within the specified time frame. You don’t need to apply for the scholarship separately. Once you have an offer for a place, you will automatically be considered for a scholarship.

The scholarship will consist of a discount of £ 5,000 per year in tuition fees, which will go a long way in supporting any student. Fellows can focus on their education and career, instead of thinking about how to pay for living expenses or repay loans. You’ll have more time for clubs, community service, and internships, maximizing the college experience. You will have a better chance of graduating and getting the degree you want.

This then gives even more benefits, such as the opportunity to consider areas requiring postgraduate training – such as law or medicine – or the privilege of pursuing a career based on your passion, not just wages. Employers also prefer fellows over others because they are a testament to your worth and accomplishments. In short, international scholarships will make it easier to achieve your educational and career goals.

Having a degree from Durham University further improves your career prospects. England’s third oldest university is renowned for its academic excellence. Durham University ranks among the top 100 in the world, according to QS World University Rankings 2022. Up to 16 Durham subjects are included in the Global Top 100 of the QS World University Rankings by Subject 2022. The university also excels in a number of other rankings, consolidating its reputation as one of the best in the world.

Combine this reputation and culture for quality teaching and research in a dynamic location, and students have everything they need to be extraordinary. This exceptional student experience begins at Durham Colleges. Every Durham student is a member of a college, each of which is more than just a collection of excellent facilities for college study, socialization, sports / fitness, music, theater and artistic performance.

They are the centers of an international, multidisciplinary and scholarly community. The people are nice. The debates, formal and informal, are inspiring. The support is comprehensive, helping students settle into university life and providing the first point of contact for problems if they arise, with a referral to more specialized help if needed.

The city is just as dynamic. Many of the city’s attractions are free to students – look for specials at Durham Castle, Cathedral, Botanic Gardens and the Oriental Museum. It’s super easy to move from one location to another – in the city and on campus – with affordable student bus tickets that cost just a pound a day.

“Mixed with the city’s rich culture and history, there is a vibrant community of students and staff who study and research some of the most cutting-edge areas of research,” shares Peter Liu from China, Mathematics Mathematics student, Trevelyan College. “I really enjoy studying at Durham University. “

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