Durham County Council receives funding for new construction on contaminated sites – Durham Magazine


£ 626,066 has been awarded to Durham County Council to transform brownfields into 105 new homes in North West Durham, helping locals to own property while protecting our countryside.

The funding is part of a £ 57.8million investment that has been allocated to 53 councils nationwide through the Brownfield Land Release Fund (BLRF). The fund helps transform disused sites – such as old parking lots and garages – into new developments where people can live and work, and includes both new projects and self-contained and custom-built (SCB) projects. Up to 5,600 houses will be built on sites across the UK, while 17,000 jobs could be supported – supporting local economies and helping young people access homeownership.

MP Richard Holden praised the award which means council could build 105 new homes on unused and abandoned land in the Durham County Council area. With £ 405,924.37 for 65 houses in Burnhope and £ 220,142 for 40 houses in Bridgehill.

Almost £ 58million has been made available by the Department for Leveling Up, Housing and Communities (DLUHC) as part of the £ 75million BLRF, with 53 councils across the UK receiving funding. The investment will ensure that disused sites can be used for new housing, protecting green spaces while turning unloved sites, such as old parking lots, into new homes.

Up to 17,000 jobs in the construction and housing sectors are expected to be supported by investment, revitalizing both the local economy and the economy at large. A total of 5,600 homes are to be built under the scheme, with £ 5million earmarked for SCB projects. This is in addition to BLRF’s £ 20million pledge to accelerate the SCB sector.

Today’s announcement follows the government’s commitment to build up to 300,000 new homes per year by the mid-2020s, helping people across the UK get their feet wet. scale of housing. With last year having reached the highest number of new homes built in over 30 years, at 244,000.

Commenting, MP Richard Holden said:

“Brownfields such as abandoned garages and parking lots are not only ugly in our towns and villages, but are ready to welcome new homes while protecting our green spaces.

“This is why I am delighted that Durham County Council has received £ 626,066 to transform brownfields in our area into high quality affordable housing, while supporting the local and wider economy through their construction. .

“This funding will boost our local areas and turn previously unloved sites into exciting new homes, while giving young people the opportunity to step up on the housing ladder, helping to improve North West Durham.”

Commenting, Secretary of State for Upgrade Michael Gove said:

“We are leveling and supporting homeownership across the country, delivering new, affordable, high-quality homes and creating thriving places people want to live, work and visit.

“Making the most of previously developed land is a government priority and it will help protect our countryside and our cherished green spaces. “


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