Cost of living protesters head to Stockton to rally against lack of cash


Dozens of protesters made their feelings heard during a cost-of-living protest in Stockton town centre.

The protest began around 1pm on Saturday May 28, with activists and protesters speaking out against the ongoing cost of living crisis which is affecting millions, both on Teesside and across the country.

Those at the protest heard speeches from groups representing the NHS, Unite the Union and Positive Disability Action, calling on the government to step up its efforts to ensure that households no longer feel the brunt of this ongoing crisis. The protest was organized by Teesside People’s Assembly, which has staged similar protests in Middlesbrough and Redcar.

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Teesside Live spoke to People’s Assembly member Katie Weston, who organized the protest in Stockton.

Katie said: “With the ongoing cost of living crisis, things are only getting worse for people across the country and especially in areas like the North East where there is a lot of poverty first People who were in poverty in the first place are now struggling more than ever and those who were on the verge of managing before are at risk of ending up in poverty.

“This is the third protest we are holding, we did one in Middlesbrough in March and another in Redcar last month, we are trying to get our message out to as many people as possible in the Tees Valley. We believe the government hasn’t done enough to tackle the cost of living crisis, and even the announcements this week, it’s great to have this tax on windfall profits, but it’s too little too late.”

Katie Weston, protest organizer

Katie and Teesside People’s Assembly have called on the government to implement more aid for those who are suffering. This week, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced there would be a £15billion financial aid package to help those struggling with rising energy bills.

Katie added: “The windfall tax is a start, but wages also need to be increased so people can live, more jobs need to be created so people have a stable income. The new schemes help people, but more needs to be done to help those in poverty, it doesn’t lift anyone out of poverty, it just brings them back to where they were before this crisis started.”

With strong feelings and hope for change, Teesside People’s Assembly will be staging more protests against the cost of living in the months to come. For more information, follow @TeessidePA on Twitter.

Dozens turned out for the cost of living protest in Stockton town center
Dozens turned out for the cost of living protest in Stockton town center

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