Coming in 2022 – Oregon’s new camping tax for out-of-state visitors


Many Washington residents will be heading south of the border for various camping sites, but in 2022 it will cost more.

Senate Bill 794, which was passed by the legislature this spring and was enacted by Governor Brown, will impose a 25% “tax” on Oregon state campground reservations.

Opponents call it the “leisure tax,” but it was passed by both the House and Senate by wide margins, with Democrats and Republicans voting yes.

It will only apply to motorhomes and trailers, from small pop-ups to larger Airstream type trailers and motorhomes. It will NOT apply to those who only use tents or other campsites without a vehicle.

Most Oregon campgrounds offer some sort of RV and RV water hookup, cost between $ 24- $ 40, but next year visitors to the state will cost between $ 30 and $ 50.

The reason, according to the Statesman Journal online, is that the money is needed for campground upgrades and repairs.

It is expected to come into effect in 2022, but it remains to be seen how out-of-state visitors will be billed more than Oregon residents, officials say.

In recent years, Oregon has seen a significant increase in the use of campgrounds, especially those located near coastal areas.

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