COLUMN REV OLIVER COSS: It’s not Christian to ask for health passports in churches this Christmas


Durham Cathedral announced that people would only be allowed to attend Christmas services if they had a vaccine pass or proof of Covid negativity

The week following Remembrance Sunday always promises to be peaceful, except that it is never really calm.

This is mainly because entire parts of the downtown machinery, and ours at All Saints too, put everything on hold for two weeks until the parades are over, the bagpipes are deflated and the bagpipes are deflated. the poppies gradually give way to twinkling lights. of Christmas.

(“Seriously? It’s NO-VEM-BER,” my daughter growled as we pulled into town this afternoon).

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With the last days of fall comes the colder weather and the gradual swerve towards all that the colder months have to offer.

According to some local media this weekend, you should be reading this under an avalanche of snow and ice carried from the Himalayas. Who knows, maybe there was just a strong frost where you were this morning.

Either way, Covid is rioting across the continent again and you can almost feel the attention of our leaders, scientists and medical professionals stiffen as yet another dramatic story unfolds.

The last time was India or Brazil, where some variants showed their devastating effect for the first time. Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany are currently similar.

Not unnatural, some people are back in panic mode, and they in turn inspire even more panic.

If there is any chance that the UK will hold its own as we face the increase in cases after mid-term, it could give us some assurance that living with Covid is going to be reflected in consistently higher numbers. important, but the tendency to support us in the need for instinctive decisions might (just, might) diminish.

The Austrian Prime Minister’s announcements last week were quite an instinctive decision, and while the news from several Central European countries is rather grim (and the protests and unrest are doubly so), it is not surprising that renewed lockdowns, critical health care situations, and compulsory vaccination programs are – at the very least – serious concern.

In the UK, where our situation remains serious, but relatively stable, everyone is talking about the extension of the so-called vaccine passports, in the midst of a certain vacuum of intelligence that they are making a difference as they are once hoped.

I guess it is believed that expanding the program to a variety of locations might improve efficiency, but it all seems a little pointless next to the much more important work of reconnecting with groups and people who continue to have problems. doubts about getting their jabs.

Increasing liberty deprivation measures seems like a bad option if there is work to be done in convincing.

But that hasn’t stopped Durham Cathedral from announcing that entry to their Christmas services will only be granted with a vaccine pass or proof of a negative PCR or LFT during of the previous 48 hours.

Not only is this a dangerous and improper precedent, but it also goes against the official Church of England opinion which opposes vaccine passports, but promotes strong mitigation measures. .

I hope churches will use common sense as Christmas approaches.

To require people to show any form of information about their health before entering the church door is totally contrary to our Christian testimony.


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