Apply for loans and credits

Gandalf Bank is a private bank that gives you an exclusive deal in order to give you the best financing in every way.

Thanks to its exclusive financing system with more than 30 years of experience , customers who place their trust in Banco Roads can be sure that the professionals are experts in wealth planning and management, giving clients at all times, the more flexible option and according to your expenses.

This assures clients that you can enjoy a credit without risks.

Payroll offered by Gandalf Bank

The Bank Payroll Loan has one of the most beneficial online loans you can get. This type of credit has an amount of up to 30000 euros or the net amount of 10 payrolls of the person requesting this credit.

In addition, the term to pay is up to 10 years.

Unlike other loans, the payroll credit has 0% commission, total or partial cancellation.

This type of credit is used to obtain consumer goods.

This loan is designed to be able to give people who have their payroll in open roads a loan that adapts to the conditions of the offer requested by the client. Through this loan, you can reform a house or get a car. Many people use these credits to take the trip of a lifetime or even renovate their home.

Although each of the clients can choose up to 30 thousand euros or the amount of 10 net payrolls, the amount that will be given to each one of the clients will be reviewed in a personal way and will be given to the clients seeing each case exclusively.

This type of credits must be paid for monthly installments and the full credit can be canceled at any time without commission expenses.

Gandalf Bank puts the Master Loan in your hands

Master loans Bank roads are designed so that each person who needs it can get the professional career you have dreamed or the Master to complete your studies of specialization. This credit that offers you roads, will help you to get any type of professional loan or in order to boost your career.

To be able to acquire it, you can request this credit online and start enjoying the financing that will help you invest in any of your professional goals.

This funding is intended for any type of course or master’s degree and even postgraduate studies that the person can not afford . In addition, the limit to pay, is up to two years and the fees are adjusted so that the customer has access to credit in a flexible way.

The amount that can be requested for this type of credits is the total amount of the course, so before acquiring this type of credits you must be registered, since you must show the entity opens the total amount, which will normally be sent to The academy or school directly for full payment unless the client specifies otherwise.

To be able to pay this credit, the installments will become flexible for each one of the clients and they will also be given the possibility of having up to two years of grace in which the client will be able to settle his other debts without feeling drowned.

In case the client has the necessary solvency, a total or partial cancellation can be achieved without this giving any kind of extra expense.

Tinkerbell Loan Gandalf Bank

This credit loan Banco Roads is thinking so you can get up to 60 thousand euros or the equivalent of 10 net payrolls . Through this credit you can get any type of consumer acquisition. You can opt for this credit if you want to buy a car or take a trip and even if you want to pay the total of your studies.

This type of credits are given to each of the people, seeing their case exclusively, which means that they can give the best facilities to each of the people, being the most flexible terms that you can find in the credits online.

These credits can be returned to the company up to 10 years and the interest rate is very low, so many people get to pay comfortably.

It is a credit that can only be requested by people under 35 years of age since it offers an opening fee of 0.95%. People over 35 can get this type of credit, however, the% is too high for these cases.