300 Swift: Duke students at apartment complex said they couldn’t throw big parties with jumps or dances due to structural issues



DURHAM, NC (WTVD) – Officials at Duke University sent a note to students living in an off-campus residence this week, warning them that large student gatherings have damaged floors and some support structures for apartments.

The email was sent Thursday by Brandin Howard, Dean of the East Campus and Apartments, to students living at 300 Swift.

He said parties that exceed unit occupancy limits and include jumping or dancing could “damage the underlying farms that strengthen the floors.”

The building was not built by Duke but was purchased by the university to meet a need for more student accommodation.

Duke University student newspaper The Chronicle reported on some of the soil issues last year.

The report said that in 2018 Greystar, the company that managed the apartments at the time, restricted access to the balcony due to potential issues with the supporting railings.

“300 Swift was never intended to be a long-term option for undergraduate housing, but it’s unclear how long we’ll need to use it as such,” said Joe Gonzalez, vice – Assistant President of Student Affairs and Dean of Residential Life, at The Chronicle at The Time. “Different possibilities exist for the long-term use of the installation, but nothing has been decided yet.”

Now, students living at 300 Swift are limited to 10 people in an apartment in an attempt to avoid a bigger problem.

“In extreme cases, this can cause a structural problem that poses a risk to students and staff – in which case we would be forced to relocate residents immediately,” Duke’s email told residents.

Although the email says the building is safe, some students are still concerned.

“I think if it’s not safe to have more than 10 people in an apartment, we shouldn’t expect us to live here,” resident Vaneesha Patel told ABC11 on Friday.

The City of Durham said the apartments were built in 2012.

A city inspector told ABC11 that while load factors are exceeded in apartments due to large numbers of people, isolated structural or aesthetic issues are not uncommon.

“I’m not really worried about anyone’s safety because I think if that was really something they were worried about, they probably would have evacuated us, but it’s a little irritating not being able to have a world in the dormitories “, pupil Peter said Alphonse.

The 10 student limit is effective immediately.

Violators could be helped responsible for the cost of repairs or removed from the apartment.

Duke officials said in the email that contractors and engineers were dealing with the damage.

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