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Routers are among the wonders of the high-tech era. Loved and hated, they definitely have many advantages but a number of disadvantages. They have no material expression, making it impossible to store them in banks, which is popular with traditional money.

Instead, they exist and are fully online and rely on virtual space. Thus, these electronic money are stored by the block method, which is a type of computer network.

Which banks are working with them

CryptoLuts do not enjoy good attitude from either national banks or governments. Most major world banks have already commented on the nature of this type of currency, raising serious concerns about their reliability and stability.

There are few countries in the world who do not deny the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis revolutionary technology and do not raise concerns about its essence. In this case, however, they prefer the state to have control of this encryption and do not tolerate the accidental entry of businesses into creating such crypts.

Why do some identify them as dangerous

According to many, crypto-latitudes are considered to be quite dangerous, and it has to be said that behind these worries there are quite a variety of opinions, in each of which there is little truth.

For example, it should not be underestimated that they are a form of risk to stability because they allow organized crime to transfer large amounts of money to and from different parts of the world.

This can not happen with traditional money, or at least the risk would be far less. Apart from being a refuge for criminal groups around the world, these currencies are also dangerous from another point of view.

It does not have the stability that most traditional currencies have. This means that it can be depreciated at any time without anyone taking any responsibility for it. In short, this type of money has the following disadvantages:

  • there is no country or institution behind them;
  • can at any time lose out of their value;
  • can be easily used in the gray economy;
  • can hardly be used in real life for the needs.
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